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Yes crazy as to why I’ve decided this but I just did
I’m wanting to start a fresh with infinite flight, I had an account which I canceled the subscription on through the App Store, that account was trough Facebook so I made a new account through a google account, it asked for the login and it was correct but I keep getting a message saying no account found, is this because The original account is still active until the 25th of April even though I have unsubscribed? Because I can still use it until the 25th, but can’t subscribe with my new account?
Here is a screenshot of the message that keeps popping up.


Have you started new subscriptions yet? Then you can link Google account to that subscriptions. Without linking to subscriptions you can’t log in with Facebook or Google. I think that’s what error msg you getting, server can’t find any subscriptions linked to the new Google account.

Just to point out if you want merge old accounts with new you can do that aswell…and if you want to keep Facebook login but not old data may be support can help with that too. Just ask specialist, you know who I am talking about. I don’t want to tag stuff name :)

So basically what I want to do is start a fresh account, back to grade one with 0 flight time,
I had that account linked to my personal Facebook
So I made a google account, unsubscribed to the one linked to Facebook and tried to resubsctibe under the new account linked to the google account that I just made, when I went to log in it said IF recognised my old account and had a
“Use another account” so I pressed that and typed in the login for the new google account but straight after that it said it doesn’t recognise that account so I’m not sure how to resubscibe under the new google account

You want fresh start with new subscription right? If that’s the case my step would be.

1.delete infinite flight and redownload
2, Don’t login, you should have screen to buy new subscription.
3. Buy new subscription
4. Go into infinite flight.
5. You should see option to Link new subscriptions to Facebook or Google.
6. Link new subscription to new Google account.

So you get fresh start. I don’t think you can reset to zero by login with different social account.

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Loving the double negative in the screenshot above. Hope one of the devs sees and corrects! 😉

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It’s like a mascot now.


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