Infinite Flight account not loging in with a strong internet

So today i was going to do Dubai-Sydney and all of the sudden i was logged off. I tried to log in but it didint respond. I thought the servers were down, untill after 20 tries i still cant log in. so please help me with that.

Hi Isabel! Was there at any point of your flight before the disconnection you are experiencing where there was an exit of the app? In other words, did you leave the actual session (click out of the app) during your flight? Long periods of time while not in the app during the flight will result in a permanent disconnection from your current session. Or is this an issue with your actual account status with Infinite Flight?

First of all, Congrats on joining the IFC and your first post!

How is your WiFi connection? We’re there any storms in the area at the time of the incident? Sometimes weather can affect your WiFi, and can disconnect you from the servers. I’ve had it happen a few times and it can take a while to re-establish connection with my modem.

no it is a internet problem while loging in

Hi, no storms dont go here around the problem is it sayed that the servers were down. i still cant connect.

Hi, can you please tell the device you’re using and do a speedtest to check the internet speed?

Additionally, exactly what error message are you receiving?

Error saying that i cant log in due to no internet connection

yes it gives 87.3MB of speed

That’s strange. A couple people had similar problems and changing DNS settings worked for them. Would you mind telling the device you’re using for us to find the instructions on how to change it there?

Are you on WIFI or Cellular?
If you are on WIFI can you use a different network and try to see if it is network related?
Have you rebooted your device?

i am on wifi and tried all of that. i can fly the problem is that it says connecting 2 in 2 hours

to fly i use a A30s from samsung and to report this problem i am on a pc and i still tried DNS settings but it says connecting 2 in 2 hours

Can you send a screen shot of this error?

maybe the problem is the system of the phone it self does not let me take screenshots of games. if i can i will send to you guys

You say you can fly though?

yes the problem is that i go offline 2 in 2 hours

For us to help you we need some more information because you are saying stuff that contradicts what you said earlier.

Are you seeing an error message? If so, what does it say exactly and what did you tap on for it to show?

it happend the error and a few mins later the connecting error happing 2 in 2 hours but since it was 18hr ago i just remember of it saying internet connection not found.and i was just trying to log in

Is it working now?