Infinite Flight A380 mask inconsistency

Device: Samsung Galaxy S10
Operating system: Android 12
Infinite Flight version: 24.2

Very simple. On the preview and loading screen, the IF A380 doesn’t have a mask. Once I spawn in, much to my disappointment, the mask is there.


Image was likely taken during the development stage when the mask was not on the aircraft.


You misspelled “happiness”.


It’s a little easter egg from me to you. ❤️


That’s funny. It was on the aircraft on the first rendering, when it wasn’t even in the simulator itself. Seemingly it was removed but added back for whatever reason.

Coming from developers who added the A220 and the E175 with “enhanced” wingtips, doesn’t surprise me on the slightest.

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As stated this image was taken within the developmental stage. This is the exact reason we don’t share everything in this stage as things change and this is a prime example of things changing before release. Thanks for pointing it out