Infinite Flight A220-300 Livery

With only 4 aircraft having the 2019 Infinite Flight livery, I think we should have the A220 also have the livery, the reason why is because we haven’t seen the 2019 Infinite Flight livery be added to any other aircraft in a while. So I think A220 should get it.

Yes Totally needed maybe a new livery featuring the Names of the staff and Mod’s on the side something like a Infinite Flight Staff Jet for flying them around the world

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I Agree with you.

Yep, that will be a great addition

ngl i was pretty disappointed when I saw neither the A330 nor the A330neo had it. You have my support.


does that mean we will get a sneak peak in

Design Your Own Airline or Repaint an Existing Airline - Official Thread - #7522 by EAviation


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They will do it, They have their livery in every plane, but nice idea

The A330-300 and the A330neo don’t have an IF livery.


I like this idea. And perhaps if they release it before New Years, it could be the special ten year livery.

Really great request but unfortunely they only add Infinite Flight livery on -200/-100 variant. It apply on any type of aircraft like Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier etc.

Show me IF A330, A380, 717, 767, E-Jet…

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Then explain the 737-700 and A350-900

And the 787-8….

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ngl I forgot that had an IF livery

Also 747-8 and MD-11


Also the C172.

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Guys. relax. Take a deep breath. Most aircraft do have Factory / Manufacturer Livery. But IF livery depends on community request or the Dev’s decision.

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