Infinite Flight - A Retrospective

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@anon38496261, why do you think you know the chick-fil-a fan?

@Gabe_Z, the german spotter is indeed @Moritz

@Awoodbay, that is absolutely true. (RIP moon)

@Captain_Merka and @anon38496261, I’m glad you liked it and I am glad the nostalgia hit hard, I teared up while writing this…

@BennyBoy_Alpha, Thank You!

@anon55618039, The space shuttle was nice but impossible to fly, harder than the Xcub!

@Pertonics, remember when live was called “multiplayer”?

Thank You!


cuz it’s me, lol. That’s all the random stuff in our PM 😂

Also, good morning! (from the same time zone)!

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It’s not you! :) lol

Good morning!

Are you sure about that


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LOL ok it was you :)

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It’s 7:07 AM and I’m already out of likes 😅

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Boeing 707 intensifies


AM, lol

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It’s about to be


Anyway, we’re veering off-topic :)


I remember flying the Virgin 787-9 around Australia 😊
And then crashing trying to land

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I found IF right after Global came out (I didn’t know it, lol)

A long time ago, I downloaded an APK version of IF just to see what it was like. Man, it was different. The water looked really cool! The plane graphics were alright. No wing flex. No live cockpit. The C172 was brand new (as in, really crappy and old).

Yes I do. Oh the good old times

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The Casual server was called Free Flight Server (if im not mistaken)
Training - Playground
Expert - Advanced


If i remember correctly. airspace back then used to be restricted to your equivalent grade, so I remember violating KSFO class Bravo airspace numerous times when i first started out at KHAF!


Ah, looking back on the old days of IF. I must’ve only been 8 when IF was first released. I was in awe when it came to aviation, and I was one of those kids who thought they were the best pilot ever… but had no real clue what they were doing. Lol.

Those were the days. I think I lost interest (and time to spend) in around 2015-2016.

It’s been four years.

Since coming back, the game on the whole is so much better than it was. I love it. (Losing all the airports and planes I’d paid for was annoying, but I don’t care too much)

I agree on the good work. Infinite Flight has come a long way. I wonder what IF’s future has in store.

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