Infinite Flight - A Retrospective

Hello, IFC,

Infinite Flight was released on April 25th, 2011 for windows phone.

It used to look like this:

There were a few aircraft… The 747 in blue house colors, the space shuttle that went on missions, the virgin 787-900 (It was called that :), the AirBerlin 737 and a few others…

The IFC was not a thing. There was a request a feature button on the home page where you could send an email requesting something… and… well… not get any sign of it being received in any way…

There was no ATC, the control buttons were opaque metallic with a little orange light, there were no animations, the sound was always the same old rhythmic shshwhshwwwsashaahshaswswwshhsi…shwhshwshaashwhshahwiswiwi
well… I’m having a hard time getting my point across here… sorry… :(

My favorite aircraft, though, was the United Tulip Livery CRJ-200! It was beautiful, the flaps made you do a 360 flip if put at anything above 5% and it was an amazing plane.

It’s scenery time :)

You could only fly in Paris, OshKosh, San Francisco and a few others I can’t remember… You could choose between NOON, SUNSET, SUNRISE and NIGHT. (No stars or moon btw)

There was no 3D terrain. The weather was actually pretty nice tho :) Good job on that, past devs. :)

That was 9 years ago.

Now, Infinite Flight has over 40 aircraft all with AT LEAST 3 LIVERIES!!! A commuity was built with 39,444 international users including A MAGIC UNICORN, A CHICK-FIL-A FAN and like… 6 or 7 aviation enthusiasts. (You know who you are). We also have an unstoppable german spotter, a bambi basher and a LAX spotter that maybe flexes just a little bit :) Comment below if you know who these people are ;)


We have the legendary A350-900 with liveries that don’t even exist yet and an amazing new logo (compared to the orange plane with a bright blue sky and 2 clouds).

We have VAs and ATC, an update blog, feature requests, tutorials, humorous topics, RWA topics and much more!

Guess what? We even have REAL pilots on this simulator.

Back in 2011, Infinite Flight was a fun little offline PlAnE GamE. Now, it’s a simulator, and just that word change makes a whole bigger difference.

We now have a global map with waypoints, live time and weather, live cockpits, animations, ATC and violations, an expert server, 3D worldwide scenery, and most exceptionally, I can guarantee no other sim has this, we have:


I have to go now, but

THANK YOU to all the Devs, mods, subscribers, Chick fil A fans and much more, you made this game, but you also made a community.

Thank You and Well Done!

The Sky Is The Limit!


well… that was long…

my eyes hurt now…



No they dont because they have little Coke cans instead. Not gonna lie we all know coke tastes better than pepsi.


I read this whole thing and it brought back memories. I got Infinite Flight when it first came out on IOS. I remember the Space Shuttle and the United CRJ-200 that did flips when you put down the flaps. Everything has changed so much.

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Hmm… I wonder who on this entire community you’re talking about 😂


It is amazing how far this mobile sim has come in only nine years!


Yeah! If every sim had little Pepsi cans in the cockpit, the world would be a much better place.

Personally though, I’m a Coke fan so…


You wouldn’t know.

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Sorry, I ran out of likes…

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Or would I…?

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Haha, isn’t that @Moritz? Haha, very true.

9 years ago is quite a long time, and I only spent 16% with the community in the time frame. A lot changed in that 16 percent. If we added all 16% together then we notice so many major changes. What a great topic. Thank you Robertine for reminding us.

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Throwback to when nighttime was just a darker screen haha

Haha, now you can’t even taxi (or even fly without live instruments or the annoying HUD) 😂

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This is such a cool thread, @Robertine. Great job!

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That nostalgia hit wayy to hard @Robertine. Great, great, great post.

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Definitely an interesting topic to read - brings back so many memories

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WOW! There used to be a space shuttle? I just joined infinite flight last year. That is interesting to know.


Wow the memories. I remeber one day having to go to something I did not like and bribed my dad to buy me the 777-300er. That was a long time ago. When there were regions. I loved the space shuttle and when the crj-200 was the only crj and only had the united livery. I remeber my first real fight on live. My first under -200fpm landing. Ahh the good times. The first VA I joined man that hit hard @Robertine. Thanks for the memories.

I haven’t been on IF for that long, but I bet the Space Shuttle was fun to fly.

It was kinda hard to fly. I was a noob back then so almost every plane was hard to fly


From what I remember I didn’t like it as it hadn’t had any engine power so you just flew a engineless approach and that was all you could possibly do with it.

Anyways: It was an interesting choice of a plane for a flight simulator…

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