Infinite Flight, A Decade in Replay Mode

As the decade comes to an end, I thought we should take a trip into Replay Mode and see all the innovations and hard work that has gone into this decade of infinite flight.

2011-2014 - Unkown

2011-2014 is back when the community did not exist. Updates were perhaps never announced or they are burried deep somewhere in the old facebook community, so here is a montage of old infinite flight pictures and videos found online.



Old Flying Dev Stuidos Youtube Channel that has been forgotten


Introduction of the IFC
The IFC Is born and becomes the home for Infinite Flight Pilots across the globe.

15.1 - Infinite Flight August 2015 Update
Aircraft - Ground effect for and APPR for 737-BBJ
Quality Of Life - Better Fog, Screen Resolution Settings, Bug Fixes

15.2 - November 2015 first update announcement
Aircraft - A320 (New Aircraft, Cockpit Lights), New Liveries
Quality Of Life - IF Connect API Introduced, GPS Approach requests, Joystick Support, Region Updates, ect.


16.1 - A little early present for the holiday season: fully redesigned A321 for all, FREE!
Aircraft - Reworked A321(Free)

16.2 - Infinite Flight March Update is here!
Aircraft - Dash 8-Q400 (New Aircraft)
Quality Of Life - Reworked UI, Terrain Map Improvements (RIP), Better Flight Planning, New Grading System

New Logo - New logo, new swag
Devs update their logo and move from Flying Dev Studios to Infinite Flight, this is the branding and logo we have now.

16.3 - August 2016 Update now available on iOS and Android
Aircraft - 787 Family Rework (Wingflex, 4K textures, ect.) 777-200LR (New Aircraft), Reworked 777 physics, New Liveries, Reworked Citation X physics
Quality of Life - New ATC Commands, overspeed warnings, free camera


17.1 - Update has been approved!
GLOBAL UPDATE DROPS - One of, if not the first ever global scenery for a mobile simulator

17.2 - December 2017 update is cleared for takeoff
Aircraft - MD-11/DC10 (New Aircraft) KC-10 refueling tanker (New Aircraft, Animated Boom and Refueling Capabilities)
Quality Of Life - Refueling Capabilities introduced, Autopilot for Fighter Jets, Aerial Refueling Added to military aircraft


18.1 - Infinite Flight 18.1 is coming!
Aircraft - New Liveries for the A321, 737-800, 747-8
Quality of Life - New ATC UI, ATIS, Flight Info, Logbook Improvements

18.2 - Infinite Flight 18.2 Release
Aircraft - CRJ-700 (New Aircraft, Cabin Interior)
Quality Of Life - Grade Windo Improvements, New Satelite Imagery, In App Purchase changes

Livery Update - New A320 Liveries Available!
BA, QantasLink, Peach Air, WOW Air, and LATAM liveries made available for the A320

18.3 - Infinite Flight 18.3 Release
Aircraft - CRJ-900 (New Aircraft, Cabin Interior), Wingflex for A320 Family, New Liveries

18.4 - Infinite Flight 18.4 Release
Aircraft - CRJ-1000 (New Aircraft, Cabin Interior) CRJ-200 Upgrade
Quality Of Live - ATC Multi-Frequency, Systems Page, New ATC Commands

18.5 - Infinite Flight 18.5 Release
Aircraft - TBM 930 (New Aircraft)
Quality Of Life - Ambient Exterior Noise, Updated Callsigns, NOTAM UI, ATC Improvements

18.6 - Infinite Flight 18.6 Release
Aircraft - A-10 (First Ever Live Cockpit), 737 Soft Rework, New 737 Liveries


19.1 - Version 19.1 Is Here!
Aircraft - A330 Soft Rework
Quality Of Life - Replay Mode, Super Resolution Screenshots, Gate Restrictions

19.2 - Infinite Flight 19.2 And XCub Are Here!
Aircraft - XCub (New Aircraft with Live Cockpit)
Quality Of Life - Progressive Taxi, Flight Plan Improvements

19.3 - Infinite Flight 19.3 in Glorious HD
Aircraft - A320 Family Live Cockpits
Quality Of Life - Global HD Scenery finaly completed

19.4 (Unreleased) - Infinite Flight 19.4 First Look
Aircraft - C172 (New Aircraft with Live Cockpit), A350-900 (new Aircraft with Live Cockpit)
Quality Of Life - Unknown

A toast to the decade past, and the decade to come.

Infinite Flight has changed and developed into something that we love and cherish. Infinite Flight has become more than a hobby to some of us, it has allowed us to meet new people and create a whole community centered around the app. I have no doubt in my mind that with the coming years Infinite Flight will continue to grow and innovate, showing us all exactly what the app, its developers, and most importantly its community are capable of. Thank you Infinite Flight.

Have something that’s missing that you want to add? PM me @Darpan and I’ll make sure it gets in here.

Amazing thread, cheers to a great decade.


this is sad

Have been here since 2015, I remember the days when I always use to fly from KLAX to KNUC or KNUC to KSAN and vice-versa… (my favorite region in IF back then) before global


Looking at this just makes all the memories from when I started in 2011 too now. Does anyone remember the good ole KLAX-KNUC-KSAN-KLAX Routes?


Lmao, I have to say my favorite region was NorCal, I used to fly from KSJC to KSFO and back again, I didn’t have any aviation knowledge and just learned as I went, now I’m a full on pro who wants to go to pilot school, all thanks to infinite flight


I’ve know this game since late 2016 but didn’t discover IFC until 2018. Great game how much it advanced. Incredible 😳 Mind blown with how the took this game so seriously and people make it so realistic. Hope the best to Infinte Flight

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I joined IF when I was 11 or 12… so seeing this almost many years later is like joyful for me. I dreamed that I wanted to be a pilot when I was 6… I could never afford a flight sim until IF came out. I have been hooked to IF Since… I honestly thank IF for bringing me to where I am now, I’m 24 Years old still on the simulator even though I achieved my dream of becoming a pilot and I honestly think it could’ve been because of IF. Amazing Community Here… Amazing People ;) Infinite Flight has seriously improved and I think it is one of the Best Mobile Simulators out there and a good place to start!


I never forget the old sunset shine that bested even the best aviation photos.


Never forget the time when infinite flight was testing the addition of buildings.


This is when I started using Infinite Flight. I wish I had joined sooner though.


This is when I started using infinite flight, I was such a noob back then oml I used to leave flaps at 25 for whole flights


Nice Topic! Looks like you put in a lot of work.

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I like seeing how more updates are shipped progressively throughout the years.

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Thanks, took a solid two hours 😂

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Oh wow, It was worth it.

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Wow. Time really does fly huh? I still remember those days back in summer 2017 when we would all anxiously browse the global tracking thread and getting crazy hyped up when a new screenshot of global was posted. Crazy how that was over 2 years ago now. Thank you IF devs for all that you have accomplished!

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I saw this in play store back in 2015 but couldn’t buy app at the time but since getting the game I have not regretted it since 😃

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I remember back in 2016 when I was looking for a flight Simulator then searched for flight simulators on the play store. I didn’t hesitate when I finally purchased Infinite flight. I didn’t played that much cus I could barely take off from the runway. I remember my first flight was with the Airbus A380. I was such a noob. Pull engines to full power and the plane wasn’t moving forgetting the brakes were on😂. I finally YouTube how to take off and my first takeoff felt like I won a jackpot. Fast forward I purchased the pro subscription and never looked back. I’m so proud to see how far this Simulator have come. I know there’s more to come in the future.


Glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks screenshots had just a little bit more magic back then!

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