Infinite Flight 787-8 Cruise Altitude

What is a good cruise altitude for the 787 in Infinite Flight? I know that the real cruise altitude is around FL350-450. However, with the size of our current regions, I feel that is too high. Of course, with global, this cruise altitude would make sense. I am asking what cruise altitude is appropriate in the 787-8 for Infinite Flight.
I have searched for other topics, but none are on the 787.


Most 787s I see on FR24 cruise at FL400

Yes. I am asking for the cruise altitude we should use in Infinite Flight, as with our current regions, that is too high.

It would depend on the route you are flying. If you are flying all around the region then FL350-FL450 would be fine. If it’s a shorter route such as EGLL-EGBB something like 14,000ft would be much better.


I think Cruising Altitude is based on the distance between your origin and destination

Usually I use FL200-FL220 on routes like WSSS-WMKK


Reading is sure hard for some…

Anyhow, going above FL200 seems quite stupid in our current regional configuration. FL150-180 seems legit in the bigger regions.

@SingaporeAirlines - sorry. Lol.


Oh, I thought you meant global :P sorry

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Personally I calculate the Tod for a chosen altitude and then judge how fast I want to ascend to get there. i.e. for klax to ksan anywhere from 12000 to 16000 depending on how fast I ascent

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That is the route I use most.

it depends on distance you are flying, on shorter flights you can go FL150, when the distance is about 100 nm, thats how I fly and that works perfect for me
of course on shorter trips I go lower, 10 000 -> 12 000 ft max

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Good question tho because I see people klax to ksan at like fl250 descending at like 5000fpm


I normally fly in the Southern California region. As far as I can tell, it depends on the distance, but is also around FL120-150.

Yea… that should not be happening…

Maybe this Topic can help you more 😊

Or Checkout @David_Lockwood 's interesting calculation in deciding Cruising altitudes 😉

What should my cruising altitude be for small/regional flights - #6 by David_Lockwood


Yep! That looks great! Thank you!

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This may also be helpful -


I usually look at Flight radar 24 before making a flight to look at the cruising altitude. (Only works with irl flights)


In the larger regions like SoFlo, Hawaii and Singapore & Kaula Lumpur I would normally cruise at atleast 25,000ft. I normally cruise at around 32-34,000ft. For smaller regions like London, New York and South Carolina, I would normally cruise at 20,000ft.


I ONLY fly 787’s I’ve had this question before but never got an answer so I just stick to FL350

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I normally cruise between 27,000’ to 30,000’, primarily if the aircraft is light. For short flights I cruise between 14,000’ to 25,000’.

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