Infinite Flight 777 Wing

It has been previously pointed out that the wing on the reworked 777 has some issues with it. I won’t go into detail on them here but if you want to see some examples, here they are :

This topic was not made to point these issues out, instead I made this topic to ask if there is any intention to fix them. I know that I and some other members would like to know the answer before we renew our subscriptions.



All of the examples you showed had a staff/moderator note at the bottom stating they were aware of this issue, so it’s safe to say they know. If it’s an issue they’ll attempt to fix it at some point.


That is what I thought too. However, it has been 4 months and we haven’t heard anything else on the matter. I thought I would make this topic to confirm if they will do anything about it as my subscription ran out recently and I was debating renewing it.

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Yes, they have a tracker behind the scenes to fix things so if it’s deemed to be an issue it gets fixed eventually. Since the reports you linked are really old, have you checked now to see if they were “fixed”?

Edit: For example, the Kruger flap is there now. The other two posts don’t really have a ton of substance. It’s just pictures at different angles compared to IRL pictures at different angles.


Like @Trio said above, some of these things have been fixed. However you say “we haven’t heard anything”. Being completely honest, not all fixes about minor details warrant public notification such as a blog post, or even a community post. All app developers come across bugs and or inaccuracies, many of which are fixed, without public knowledge. Certainly don’t expect a public report of every minor fix in the game. Not only would it be redundant, but it would make IF look relatively unprofessional.

It’s not a minor error though, it is quite a large one that makes the IF 777 look inferior to the competition. And as a customer who has been paying for IFs products since 2013, I think I deserve to know if I pay almost £100 to renew my subscription. Because I don’t want to pay all that money to be left with a product with flaws of this magnitude. That is only my opinion though.

And I’m only asking if they will fix it.

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I know. I completely understand the concern. All I said is that it may not be publicly acknowledged once it is fixed.

I understand that but I think that with an issue this large they should at least confirm whether or not they intend to fix the issue. Especially when they use subscriptions to access the product.

Please review the comments made by Trio. What he’s said so far has been truthful. I can only say the same thing that was mentioned in the closing reply of the other topics you linked. The developers aware of the issues and will tend to those issues as soon as they can.

Thanks! 🙂

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