Infinite Flight 3D Art Blog Post

I love this thank you!!

Yet another detailed, informative post that goes deep in depth on the 3D Art process. I’m lovin these blog posts.


Wow. Loved the blog post. It never ceases to amazing me when I do my pre-flight walk around of an aircraft in IF. The level of detail in the modeling is so emaculate, it usually delays my startup time by 10 mins. LOL. I can even practice my RL pre-flight walk around on aircraft that I’m familiar with. What an amazing job that the 3D designers do!!


I love learning about this stuff, keep it up guys! This is awesome!

🙃Can’t wait…

I really wanna know how they make that model come to life like the engines spinning and gear retracting setting it down wheels turning flaps etc

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I believed either used to model the blender software

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This is outstanding! Great work everyone!

This is really something fantastic. I love the new development timeline!


Very Exited!

What an amazing blog post! Very informative.

Very interesting and informative Jason! (Those 3D CAD renderings are just as cool as the actual finished product haha). Also, very cool to get a behind-the-scenes look at the very detailed work you have done and continue to do @jarno80 Really appreciate your eye for detail in the sim!


Good work Developers! I can now see the plane In my mind…

Now. We just wait.

Wow Jason, just


great work - keep it up

@BennyBoy_Alpha I don’t think that Jason works on it, but they are many others that work on it.


Amazing blog!. Answered many of my questioned which ive always wondered!.

Keep it up team!

In 3DSmax you essentially make the parts, then from there you can select said part(s) and then animate them around a point or track to give us a moving model.

The actual animation is controlled similar to how a movie works. You set it up as a number of frames the animation occurs over, then tell the code for the game that for example gear retraction works over these 30,75 or whatever number of frames.

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Wow so a 3d model of a plane is a literal baby. Takes 9 months for the basic thing to form.

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this is why I love IF!
You Guys R SO TALENTED! Thank you for all you do for the IF world!


The engine really looks smaller from this angle. 🤔