Infinite Flight 3d airports are not visible

I am playing endless flight on my samsung device and 3d .airports are not showing, I am checking the graphic settings, it does not work, can you help me what graphic settings should I do?


3d object density - high


To begin with, what kind of device are you using? Make & model please.


Samsun a6 Plus

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I have also had this problem with my iPad Pro

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I’m used to samsung a6 plus

A few things you can try

  • Clear Scenery Cache
  • Game restart
  • Device Restart
  • Delete and reinstall

“Delete and reinstall” should be your very last option, try all and if none of them work, try the last option.


At which airports are you trying?

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It may be possible that your phone or your Android version does not support 64-bit architecture, and 3D buildings will not be visible.

@Dan_77 any idea if the Samsung A6+ has 64-bit capability and/or 64-bit Android software?

Don’t quote me on it, but I’m pretty sure the Android Pie update for that device was 32 bit.

Adding onto that, it has a very low end hardware config so I wouldn’t be surprised if it is 32bit

@KaptanSiyar you should be able to view your app version under settings > about in infinite flight, can you tell us what it says?

Delete and reinstall shouldn’t be last option as the infinite flight account should be connected when installed and logged in… And or Gmail or log in (think that’s an option)

@schyllberg says otherwise:)

I saw this the other day Nd while yes it would be bad and you may looss your account via not knowing password… Ios has built in password save and so does android making logging in easier

Let’s not lead the op in the wrong direction. Lets try and only comment if you have something beneficial or else leave it to someone who has a bit more knowledge about this situation. :)

Also I had this issue a while back I restarted my app and device and it solved it for me.

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