Infinite Flight 22.8

A wise man once said

If you’re on Android then eventually you will get the update…

If you’re on Apple/IOS, then you should’ve made better decisions…


Could be either…depends how stable the Android rollout is…

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The African Continent is once again disappointed… Not trying to start an argument whatsoever… But wow… A whole continent… The major airports still missing in 3D… I, however, cannot complain since I am no developer - we will keep enjoying the 3d-less airports in Africa…


They are different airlines, I believe OP is correct.

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We’ll share when we’re ready! We don’t want to falsely promise something and then disappoint at this stage


The problem with a lot of African airports is the lack of good-enough satellite scenery…

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Oh, I think you’re right. So here another reason to explain why, as Italian, I feel mocked by this update. It’s such a shame

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I’m Excited. Thank You Devs, IFAE Editors for another fantastic Update.

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So you’re telling me that we’re images for all US airfields? Oh please, let’s not get caught by the backbones


Android gang, rise up!

Just stop moaning. The editors work on what airports they want to. End of.

Yes that means more US airports get done as thats the largest demographic of people here on the forum by a considerable margin…and they work on their local airports as they are familiar with them.

Patience mate, the ITA airways livery is so beautiful but at the same time difficult to produce because its so unique, it will take time to produce a high quality livery for the aircrafts! I believe it will come onto the A350 and even the A320s soon, so dont be disappointed yet!


Wow you are updating aircraft so fast! Excetera🐙

Yeah sure… in 2000never

i’m very thankful for all the editors who put so much effort into these 3d airports (and i hope that it isn’t stressful for them)

Yes, now that’s the update so I have to accept that. But I you can’t image of how disappointed I am right now. Since when airports started to be in 3D, Italy was always a step behind the others. That means that I’ll wait, another time. But I’m sure that I’ll have to wait other 4/5 updates. Cheers 👋🏻

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Id love the new upcoming update wish to see the RPSP in the next update :) lovin the rework

Its confirmed for development, hopefully the next round we will have more Italian content, we cant be happy all the time, there are far more countries with little or only 1 3D airport like Thailand, vietnam, Malaysia etc. Italy has Rome, Venice, firenze and genova. Thats quite a number of nice airports

I would like to believe that… But something else also says, that might not be a tad true… But hey, I am not a developer so I won’t complain but it is just a shame in my opinion. I believe some airports are just favorable because they are… I mean so many Africans pay the 11 bucks which is quiet a lot of money that can feed people for a week… Yes… Again, thanks for responding but also not trying to argue with people on here because I would like to believe that so many of us African pilots on here would like to really feel like we are heard… (even if we are not developers)…

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