Infinite Flight 22.8

Because that’s where all the railway companies unite all in one station. Union Station


Thx for featuring both JetBlue and China southern. Look like my home airline (China southern) is getting recognition by the IF Community lol. Thank you so much :))


Nope, not for this update! We’ll monitor votes to see if a demand exists. Cheers!


Well done for ITA airways. But I don’t understand the fact that, out of 120 new airports, only 1 is Italian, which, by the way, nobody uses. I know there are many countries, but Italy has so far only Rome and Venice as major airports, as Genoa and Florence are used very little. I am very disappointed with the way Italy is treated, compared to other European countries such as Germany or Spain. I would have expected at least 2/3 airports, of which Milan Malpensa, the largest hub in Northern Italy. Not to mention, of course, the disproportionate number of airports in England and the United States. I applied as editor just to help with that, but who knows where it ended up.

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@Enri_DebeIV The airport editors can choose what airports they do… it’s just unfortunate that Italy didn’t get very many this time around.

Also most of the editors are fairly new-ish. When they first start out, they are only allowed to do small airports…


Well this aged well then


yall bet i’ll be flying these!

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So excited! Patiently waiting for IOS release.

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I think there is a misunderstanding, its ITA Tranportes Aereos and not ITA Airways. I see many users assuming its ITA Airways…Just a heads up.


Adding on to @BennyBoy_Alpha, there are many external factors that contribute to which airports are chosen to be worked on. There might have been a lack of imagery or no editor willing to dedicate the time. These airports may have also been started and not revealed yet. For now, let’s appreciate the wonderful airports, liveries and aircraft we got in this update.


Are we looking at an iOS rollout in the next few hours or like next few days? Just to manage expectations

Looking forward to it! IF is so accessible and convenient for many.

A wise man once said

If you’re on Android then eventually you will get the update…

If you’re on Apple/IOS, then you should’ve made better decisions…


Could be either…depends how stable the Android rollout is…

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The African Continent is once again disappointed… Not trying to start an argument whatsoever… But wow… A whole continent… The major airports still missing in 3D… I, however, cannot complain since I am no developer - we will keep enjoying the 3d-less airports in Africa…


They are different airlines, I believe OP is correct.

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We’ll share when we’re ready! We don’t want to falsely promise something and then disappoint at this stage


The problem with a lot of African airports is the lack of good-enough satellite scenery…

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Oh, I think you’re right. So here another reason to explain why, as Italian, I feel mocked by this update. It’s such a shame

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