Infinite Flight 22.8

I was wondering if animation for the pallet cargo loaders is still in the development pipeline? Also a new catering truck for the lower doors of the E190 and E175?


Amazing update as always

Maybe add an Austrian Airlines Livery?

Feel free to take a look through the #features category and vote for features that would like to see added into Infinite Flight in the future, including liveries.

In general, voting via the #features category is the best way to show your support.

They for some reason get deleted one or two hours after posting.

If you are referring to #features that you make yourself, you need to ensure that they adhere to the category rules which can be found below:

You also need to make sure that the feature request you are creating is not a duplicate request, as duplicate requests will be closed.

I recommend using the search function for features you are interested in, and if a feature request exists for said feature, voting for it because as mentioned it’s the best way to show your support.

I am not sure if I am the only one who has issues with the bridges, the overspeed warning, the airport I land in, when next I want to play… It shows me my home airport AMS over and over again. even though I flew to Tokyo, Lagos or whatsoever. Next to that my settings seems to always revert to factory (I mean the digital in play settings…) with the new updates. Does anyone else have these issues?

I believe some say it is underwhelming because of the possibility and the ‘rumors’ of Airports like Newark, O’Hare, and Delhi being added into the 22.8 update, and the fact that only a handful of major airports were added. Idk that is just what I think that people are saying it is underwhelming.


They were never confirmed so people shouldn’t have expected them to come…


Well if an update with 120 new 3D airports and a new reworked plane is considered by some as underwhelming, then I wonder what an overwhelming update would look like.

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I believe he was protesting the decision not to rework these old models.

Although, many don’t fly them precisely because they are old standards and are not of the same quality.

Most of the 120 airports were airfields and smaller airports, I am not criticizing the work that has been done, I am just saying that is the case.


The few specific liveries are only part of the demand. It’s more about the specific variant. People want to fly the variant, not just the exclusive liveries.

It’s just like the 737-800 and 737-900. Most of the airlines that fly the larger variant own the 800, but people still want to enjoy the big plane.

Anybody know when they’ll add the Kenya Airways Buta Airways liveries for the E190? From how it was communicated in this thread further up, it sounded like it would only take a couple days at most to add them. Its been well over a week now since the update.

There hasn’t been a set timeframe given for the Kenya Airways or Buta Airways regarding when they will be added. As you’ve mentioned though, they are actively working on both liveries and they will add them as soon as they are ready.

It’s important to note though, we’re coming into the holiday/festive period where time can be limited for not just the developers and artists but all of us here in the community so patience is vital. There are plenty of other liveries to enjoy in the meantime!


As in they were never confirmed to come in 22.8…

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Looking foward to see the Kenya Airways Livery!