Infinite Flight 22.7


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The E190 has a larger fuselage, larger wings and horizontal stabilizers, its engines are bigger and its landing gear is taller than the E175. It may take time

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I think something might be acting weird with the blog post 22.7 regarding the map showing the 3D airports. When ever I try to zoom I am getting a blurred map and all the dots (red and blue disappear). I am using Safari browser, never experienced this on the other posts with the map, just me?


I’ve experienced this problem as well.

I’ll check this - thanks for the report


I just tried to zoom using my mobile device and it indeed did cause all red and blue dots to vanish.

However, interestingly enough, when using the desktop, I double clicked to zoom in and the dots disappeared. But when clicking to zoom out the dots reappeared, so I then decide to re-center the map and the dots disappear again.

The 20s back button can’t continuous use in solo,this is a good function so I can practice the final,hope to restore it.

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The hot fix should have helped that, have you updated it?

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If not mistaken, the user is referring to the functionality change of the 20s button which Laura brought up here:


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thank u I will check it^ ^

thank u so much^ ^

Does anyone know when v22.7 will be available for iOS.

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Its been available…it released 15 Days ago


Thanks but it has not loaded on my iPad automatically like previous versions did… is there something I need to do.

Have you checked the App Store and see if you need to manually install the update?

Sometimes the Automatic Updates setting doesn’t work - its always a good idea to regularly (I check 2-3 times a week) check the App Store yourself to see if any apps need updating.

Thanks for the suggestion… solved the update issue. I have been a member of IF for many years and never had to manually update. This is why I did not think about checking the App Store.

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Thanks and you were right… will keep it in mind with future updates.

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Who is (and why is there) a guy standing on top of KLGA ATC?

Its @Moritz, youʻll find him many places not just at LGA. Simple reason why? Because the devs can

it’s supposed to say can’t wait to play