Infinite Flight 22.4

I really enjoyed this update. Although there may have been some problems in the process, they have been gradually resolved through unremitting efforts. The Infinite Flight team is constantly providing our users with various services, such as ground service, and more and more 3D airports. Best wishes to the Infinite Flight team🥰🥰🥰


Thanks for your kind words, very glad you’re enjoying our update!


Will there be any performance boosts ?

I’m really ashamed to ask this as a aircraft maintenance technician but… ehm… how do I get power to my AC using the GPU? No NAV lights and nothing will come to life in the cockpit? Or am I just stupid at this point :D I’m really ashamed of my self now :’) #oops (other than that, another awesome update! Hats off for you guys!)

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Wow 🤩 Lutselk’e CYLK
What an Honour to have a small remote community airport 3-D Thanks so Much IF Devs & 3D Airport Editors ❤️ @Ecoops123 😉 Looks Great !!
I’ll be ✈️buzzing around my office Now!! 😜

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The GPU is currently not functional - you still need to use the APU as before.

I’m almost there I’ll enjoy the update regardless though. ;)

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A big thanks to the development team !!!

Very big thanks to the devs. this is an awesome update thanks. keep up the great work cheers!!!

Unexpected update on Wednesday but not saying that I’m mad :).

Ground equipment, TAXIWAY LIGHTING, and the accurate JetBlue livery! 🔥🔥🔥

Thank you, devs! 🎉 ✈️


KHFD??? Wow. Hopefully, my hometown airport KBDL is added in the next update!! Great work 😁

Great update developers, getting use to all the activity around the plane, love what you did to KMIA.

Sounds great! Thanks for your reply ^^

Do any aircraft have doors that open now. 757 and 777 stay shut unfortunately

Yes sir I am so happy for the new JetBlue livery I am kinda tired of the other one t would have been bice if they gave us a barcode livery or the Bubbles

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New update looks great. But I can’t seem to get the Ground Power Unit to work. When on GPU power it won’t show up the instruments on the 777 or any aircraft with the new rework or any older aircraft, but it works as normal when I use the APU.
I might be doing something wrong as I’m not sure how it works.

Please help.

The GPU does not work in this update, hopefully for the next ones it will work :)

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I dont know if this is supposed to happen but the gate when all the way to the second door snd the door did not open


It appears as if this is where you pulled into the gate, if you stopped further back, it would have connected to the other door. Typically the larger wide bodies and long haulers park all the way up close to the building, short and medium haul wouldn’t pull up as close to the building at the gate.