Infinite Flight 22.4

But they put effort into the stuff, perfection, at the end of the day everybody is happy and impressed. 5 years from now infinite flight will be way better than 2day. No one expected taxiway lights in 2022


Hi IF community! I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel it is super hard to see the papi lights even on short final, but I also feel it is cheating to use the landing aids. Is there anything I can do to make the papis brighter or easier to see on final?

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Replacing the manual actions solely with generic buttons is a big no no for me with this update.

Especially when e.g. with aircraft that have animated doors and can cater multiple jetbridges, only 1L opens still. But theres no way to override this because… the buttons are gone. With it cockpit door buttons too.


Turn up your screen brightness.

That’s what I thought when the update came out, sometimes I like to open certain doors while on the ground, but can’t because only the ground service doors open. It’s not like you can’t open all the doors on an airplane in real life.


Thanks for the Hotfix 😁

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New 22.4 Hotfix has released and I notice something new in aircraft selection. Some aircraft are now labeled as legacy like A380 and EJets Family (it won’t soon)


What does legacy aircraft even mean?

Legacy means it’s an old, unsupported aircraft. We’ve kept it in Infinite Flight but it’s a model included from a previous app version, and won’t be the same quality as our newer aircraft with all the latest graphical/flight model advancements.


I noticed all “action” menus are removed in the hotfix, which means the tray tables, windows and wipers cannot be moved (while they can in 22.4)
Is it intentional?


Yeah, I am wondering the same thing…

Rip wipers, tray tables and windows


So disappointed ☹️


I wanna go back to 22.3 by the time everything gets fixed but i think thats impossible on androids

This was a miss on our behalf and not intended. We’ll see what we can do to get it sorted as soon as possible!


Could it also be possible to add the a330 cockpit door to be opened and locked?


Hot fix out

Agreed! Been repeating this all the time. At best picture quality and no screen enhancements, as it is supposed to look, PAPI lights clarity need some love! Not only at night but at daytime as well - at the normal distance it should’ve get spotted immediately.
IF is a mobile flight sim, NOT an iPad flight sim, some considerations might be needed in sighting PAPI optimally on modern yet narrower phone screens.

So jealous watching real pilots say “PAPI lights!” while me trying to re-enact the flight at the same distance same approach saying, "WHERE?!"🤣

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Why was the actions menu removed

Sounds like it was a mistake, hopefully it will be back soon.

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