Infinite Flight 22.4

so how do i open my doors when i am not at the gate? and how do i open the non passenger boarding doors

The answer to both of those questions is:

You can’t…

i think you should allow more manual control by the users, like we should be able to manually open our doors/cargo doors freely like before, and possibly also direct the ground services to use different doors

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Who gets this triggered by a game update? You should “do better” and just relax. The team has produced an amazing game and it is constantly developing and improving. If you don’t have patience, then kindly exit.


Hey, I was just wondering if we could get PWM in 3D? I know there’s no airport requests, but I would just like to shine a light on Maine, which has no 3D airports at all. Thanks!!

Im happy of the update and the hard work that went into it. But the night time option for me is a no no… its still to dark! Cant see any taxi way other than the lights… it needs to be more brighter. More airport lights. But i suppose the taxi way lights are a start. We need the aircraft landing lights to be more brighter.

we stan the pride livery


Very happy with the update. I feel myself being brought back in to the game especially with the upcoming erj, and lighting improvements. The only disappointing thing about the update is the lack of flexibility with ground services. Being able to choose what service goes to what door etc. Attaching services to the doors also seems strange? Don’t get me wrong, I love that we have these now, but the implementation seems off, maybe clarification for why might help? Although good update overall.


Hi Danny! Indeed it’s not where we want it yet. This is version 1. Next up will be illumination, aircraft lighting, etc etc. The work going on behind the scenes has been HUGE - total rework of a log of our code to allow for this. Don’t forget, Infinite Flight started in 2011. Tech has evolved a lot since then and it’s a lot of work.

When Project Metal advances a bit more, our developers will be able to better light up your night skies.


Thats great jason.

I fully appreciate all the hard work



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From the blog:

For the most intuitive experience possible, Ground Services have replaced some default door actions, and have been grouped into easy-to-use buttons. Users can select from PAX (Passengers), CATERING, CARGO, and GND POWER (ground power). A swipe on the Ground Services button also presents the tug and pushback options. In addition to simplifying the user experience, this system also allows developers to remove potential equipment and door conflicts by hard-coding logic into the button actions.

In addition to that, pilots don’t control many of these operations (cargo doors etc) in real life. They call for them though, which is essentially what you’re doing with the service buttons. As the is system is iterated upon, the presets greatly help developers not have to account for every single corner case of the user trying to call for services but, ope… a door is already open. With so many possibilities, the logic becomes very complicated, which of course takes so much more time to develop.

We have to make concessions on everything. Weigh user experience (as well as first-time user experience), and make sure it’s intuitive, against other things that require development.


Nice to get some 3D GA airports not incredibly far from me!

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Hella Dope! 🔥 I love it ESP the Taxi lights. Game changer forreal!

I’m happy the update is here. Today’s been rough, so seeing this blog cheered me up a lot! Thanks a lot devs!

Personally I would consider Miami a pretty widely known airport 🙂

It’s only been a month or two—that’s not long at all in the development world.

People who learn to enjoy what they have and not complain about what they don’t have

This is what they’ve been doing for the past couple of years. if you would dedicate as much time to following the development process as you apparently dedicate to hating on the development, you would know that.

Not sure where you got that information from…

Nobody is forcing you to play Infinite Flight. If you don’t like it, maybe provide some constructive criticism rather than just trying to bash the hard work that the IF team does for their users. There’s no need to be so disrespectful. Just my two cents 😊


Bruh people complaining abt the update already like be grateful


I love this so much it’s so true haahaha

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Will there be a hotfix coming out to fix the many bugs from 22.4’s release?

Disagreements and being unhappy with a product is okay! If we can have a respectful discussion about it, even better 🙂


There will be a hotfix, yes. It addresses destinations not appearing in the logbook.

If you have more issues to report, please use #support so we’re aware of them. Thanks!