Infinite Flight 22.4

This update is awesome!! Thanks IF team for producing such an amazing update for us to enjoy!

5 star ratings on my 3 Acc 😁



Wow, incredible work Developers and Staff as always!

This will make flying and controlling a much more realistic experience for trillions of users!

Thank you for the blood and sweat and tears and countless hours y’all have spent on this update!




Yo you live Connecticut I live in mass an hour away


The passenger window view doesn’t work on the basic version when camara is locked and on interior view for some reason it’s like the centre part of the plane is missing and I’m using a top spec samsung tablet


Oh ok thanks i think I did park a little to close, geez I had a good landing im embarrassed 😑

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ABSOLUTELY DISAPPOINTING!!! y’all have been doing the same thing over and over again for the past year or two. you guys r adding the least know airports in the world and you take forever to push out an update bro who the hell would want to fly with non reflecting taxi and landing lights??? can’t wait for RFS scenery and graphics update cause that’s the only thing holding from not deleting this absolute mess of a game. Have you guys ever thought about taking some months and just work on the airports,aircraft and clouds in the game🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ Makes me wanna cancel my sub. 😂😂 DO BETTER!!! you guys r loosing your players so fast rn, finally people r realizing how much of a rip off and a mess you guys are, and started moving to RFS🤣🤣

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Wow, did I spotted Infinite Flight haters?! RFS player always provoked something and thinks they are better than other flight simulator but they doesn’t!!


This update looks absolutely amazing! I am enjoying this a lot! Great work!

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Sorry to hear you feel that way but thank you for your feedback!
However, we prefer quality over quantity.

Not sure if you’ve fully understood what this update contained:
A lot of stuff for just airports.

In terms of aircraft, i refer to my previous statement:
“Quality over quantity”

Facts doesn’t really agree with that statement.

Not sure where the “Rip off” part comes in, you’re more than welcome to elaborate on that.


Thanks staff got a great update and all your hard work, I bet it’s been tough these last few days just a big thanks and great update

I tested out the taxiway lights at OTHH and I got nothing. Is the taxiway lighting only at some airports?

Most, but not all of the unfortunately.
They need to contain the actual lights data for the app to be able to show them.

The big ones that are currently missing it, will most likely be updated with it sooner than later.

@Ecoops123 explained it in better detail below:


same! I’m so happy they added it.

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when the aircraft is parked at the gate and 2 jet bridges go out only the first door opens??

This is a known issue.

I have to say this is my favourite update so far. Been playing the sim now for 7 years and it’s so nice to see the sim develop so much :D Keep it up devs!

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Great update! And finally happy to see that the Balkans/Southeastern Europe region is getting more 3D airports. It’s an under-represented region in Europe in terms of 3D development so I hope you continue with more additions in the next updates. (Sofia, Belgrade, Skopje, Zagreb etc.)

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