Infinite Flight 22.4

It is very good

jasonrosewell via Infinite Flight Community <> 於 2022年6月8日 週三 下午6:20 寫道:

I could of imagined how much detail it took for Gatwick to be built, but lucky @AviatorDan works there and he would of taken pics of the buildings


Why taxiway lights and new runway lights are missing in Hamad international airport

Please refer to this:

Hey guys just wondering, because of the whole “legacy” thing did they remove cockpit views? I want to use the f14 but there’s no cockpit view

Yes I know you can use the drone but there’s no double tap to recently thing


I can still access and use cockpit view on the A380 even though it’s a legacy aircraft. It might be f-14 specific?

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Not all legacy aircraft had there cockpits removed, i believe the F-14, F-18, C-17 and B767 were removed.


dang that’s sad the f14 is the most fun plane to fly in the game

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Hey, probably I am not the first person to call for attention on this… Sorry in advance if that is the case… But if not, with hotfix the buttons of action disappeared on the A220.

Smort moment

Hi @Riqynho! This was a mistake that was made and will hopefully be fixed in the future updates. Please click on the post I linked and you will see some explanation from the devs.

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Thank you

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It was removed as you can see in message above

I’m pretty late to the party, I’ve been away travelling but I have been keeping abreast of the new upgrade 22.4 and I have to say I’m super happy and very impressed with the new taxi lights and other additions to the IF.
Without a shadow of a doubt, the best upgrade so far! Thank you to the staff, developers, you know who you are from the bottom of my heart to making IF the best there is out there and I can’t wait to see more progress later on this year.
Landing at Gatwick at night for the first time since the 22.4 upgrade was incredible & the elation I felt after seeing the taxi lights was something else🥳🥳🥳✈️👏🏻🤩🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻😍


Let’s go bro one of the best updates

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Thank you so much Jason and every IF team leader that made this happen, y’all are amazing!!

What is happening to the E190 - seems only the E175 being reworked when IF said both would? Staggered release?

E175 first, when it is finished, the developers will start working on E190


Similar with the 777 series, the E190 shouldn’t take as long as the E175.

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I always have this problem of viewing the airport names at the bottom of every update blogs cuz they are just way too small. Can infinite flight make them bigger? Thanks