Infinite Flight 22.4

This is somewhat correct when making airports, I’ve given a small*, but hopefully interesting example below at already-released airports

*It was small when I started…

LAX imagery quality

The satellite imagery at LAX shows clear markings and equipment plus vehicles in perfect quality. You can see everything, meaning everything can be easily placed.

It is also available in super-high-quality 3D imagery. LAX is a very popular airport to spotters, meaning there is a lot of images and videos of the airport available.

For the reasons above, LAX is updated fairly often, and is easy to make changes to.

HKG imagery quality

As seen immediately in comparison to LAX, Hong Kong’s imagery is much lower quality, and difficult to view. Vehicles aren’t easy to see, and markings on the apron are barely visible and not clear.


The airport is not available in 3D either, which is unfortunately the case for most airports in Asia. Everything that is sourced for the buildings must be of images or videography, such as spotting videos., meaning not all angles of the airport may be viewable. Some countries do not allow photography or around airports, which can make this even harder.

(For referencing, this is Google. If there are any other 3D map sources for these areas, we’d love to know)

This was one of the reasons why Hong Kong was a lot later in the line of 3D airports, as resources weren’t as readily available, which did lead to motivation of some editors not being as high as those of airports with much better quality imagery and data.

A lot of airports that editors work on, they may have not visited meaning estimations and using imagery isn’t easy. 78% of the airports I have worked on, I have never been to or seen in real life. This doesn’t mean I remember or had any intentions for the other 22% of them though. :)