Infinite Flight 22.4

Poor old A380…


I really love the updates. However my only issue is this. How has Japan or South Korea not gotten any airport updates? It’s almost like those two countries are getting neglected altogether. For the love of god please please please add Narita and/or Kansai airport in the next update. Those are major airports that should have a 3D update. Why add 3D airports to random American or Canadian regions that no one ever uses when you could add a 3D update to Narita and Kansai which are some of the major airports in Asia. Additionally, Shanghai, Taipei and Jakarta also get neglected constantly. Other than that the updates are amazing but please please please add Narita and Kansai and Shanghai in the next updates, it has been far too long

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Whilst I understand that you would like to see some more 3D airports in the region you specified, it’s important to remember that at this stage scenery editors have the freedom to choose which airports that they would like to work on.

With this being said however, it’s also important to remember that the goal for Infinite Flight is to have all airports in the world 3D eventually, so it’s not a matter of if the airport will become 3D, it’s more a matter of when.

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To add one to what Declan said. The 3D airports take a lot of work. It would most likley take multiple months to complete that airport, so saying “please add them in the next update” is not really realisitc if it hasnt been started on.

When look this statement, I remember something where Aviator Dan share his experience about 3D airport development during live streams. It’s not just about editors are free to build any airport they like, there are another factor that editors have a issue to build the airport. Example outdated satellite imagery and lack of 3D buildings generated like Google Earth where it takes a lot of time to build than usual.

It make sense when Dan explains more about it. 🤔😌

This is somewhat correct when making airports, I’ve given a small*, but hopefully interesting example below at already-released airports

*It was small when I started…

LAX imagery quality

The satellite imagery at LAX shows clear markings and equipment plus vehicles in perfect quality. You can see everything, meaning everything can be easily placed.

It is also available in super-high-quality 3D imagery. LAX is a very popular airport to spotters, meaning there is a lot of images and videos of the airport available.

For the reasons above, LAX is updated fairly often, and is easy to make changes to.

HKG imagery quality

As seen immediately in comparison to LAX, Hong Kong’s imagery is much lower quality, and difficult to view. Vehicles aren’t easy to see, and markings on the apron are barely visible and not clear.


The airport is not available in 3D either, which is unfortunately the case for most airports in Asia. Everything that is sourced for the buildings must be of images or videography, such as spotting videos., meaning not all angles of the airport may be viewable. Some countries do not allow photography or around airports, which can make this even harder.

(For referencing, this is Google. If there are any other 3D map sources for these areas, we’d love to know)

This was one of the reasons why Hong Kong was a lot later in the line of 3D airports, as resources weren’t as readily available, which did lead to motivation of some editors not being as high as those of airports with much better quality imagery and data.

A lot of airports that editors work on, they may have not visited meaning estimations and using imagery isn’t easy. 78% of the airports I have worked on, I have never been to or seen in real life. This doesn’t mean I remember or had any intentions for the other 22% of them though. :)


That’s a great insight!

That’s the only thing developer didn’t explain more specific on their blog/post why their airport did not have 3D buildings. Maybe dev should give information more specific beside “Editors are free to build any airport they wanted”, so some people
may would have understand their situation about 3D airport development.

I have doing little research for 3D airport in Asia. Some main airport in Asia like WMKK (My home airport) have 3D buildings but very low quality, old model and outdated from 2000 - 2010s I believe, but it still near accurate for today 3D standard. Here’s a few images I have take from Google Earth Pro (Desktop) where more advance than Mobile version. (Mobile never have this kind of modeling)

Old 3D Buildings From Google Earth (Airport)


Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta (WIII)

I hope it helping a little bit even not same quality as 3D building generated today.😄

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That’s pretty cool! Often a pretty good resource for airport that don’t have amazing coverage is to look at third party freeware/payware for airport on other bits, they come in quite handy for the small bits and terminal design :)


To add to this, for airports that are scarce in resources, sometimes finding and using other payware scenery such as Orbx or other third party scenery for other flight sims helps reference for editors when it comes to 3D editing of airports in IF. For example I payed for and used a high priced payware add on scenery for a Scottish airport I am working on. It can help a great deal with angles that you cant source from RL images or imagery.


Hey I just noticed the Cessna 208 is gone now??

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Just hit show legacy aircraft and It will show up again hope this helps.


Ah idk how that was switched off. Thanks 😅


Two things, KMIA in 3D oh yes. Taxi lights oh yes. Thank you everyone. 👍✈️


I think the hotfix automatically turned it off for everyone when it dropped.

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It is very good

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I could of imagined how much detail it took for Gatwick to be built, but lucky @Dan works there and he would of taken pics of the buildings


Why taxiway lights and new runway lights are missing in Hamad international airport

Please refer to this: