Infinite Flight 22.4

I noticed all “action” menus are removed in the hotfix, which means the tray tables, windows and wipers cannot be moved (while they can in 22.4)
Is it intentional?


Yeah, I am wondering the same thing…

Rip wipers, tray tables and windows


So disappointed ☹️


I wanna go back to 22.3 by the time everything gets fixed but i think thats impossible on androids

This was a miss on our behalf and not intended. We’ll see what we can do to get it sorted as soon as possible!


Could it also be possible to add the a330 cockpit door to be opened and locked?


Hot fix out

Agreed! Been repeating this all the time. At best picture quality and no screen enhancements, as it is supposed to look, PAPI lights clarity need some love! Not only at night but at daytime as well - at the normal distance it should’ve get spotted immediately.
IF is a mobile flight sim, NOT an iPad flight sim, some considerations might be needed in sighting PAPI optimally on modern yet narrower phone screens.

So jealous watching real pilots say “PAPI lights!” while me trying to re-enact the flight at the same distance same approach saying, "WHERE?!"🤣

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Why was the actions menu removed

Sounds like it was a mistake, hopefully it will be back soon.

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Are they also gonna add the ability to open a330 cockpit door cause that was removed before the hotfix

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That hopefully should return with the actions menu.

i’m really loving this update!!

Anyone getting an error when importing flight plans from device?

I tested it out on my phone (updated to the 22.4 hotfix) amd it works fine, whilst my tablet (also updated to hotfix) gets the error message

Your best bet is to create a topic in #support for further assistance. Also a screenshot of the error message you are receiving would be beneficial so others can assist you.

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Its true, you are right.

just out of curiosity… with the arrival of the E-Jets… we know that the sounds of the engines are like those of the A220 (the famous sound of the Whale)… is there any prediction for the inclusion of the sound pack?.. we know it’s not an easy and fast thing, but it’s just that flying in such beautiful and new aircraft using the STANDARD SOUND, it’s too weird


Nothing has been confirmed regarding if a unique sound pack will be used for the E-Jets or if they will have the standard sounds. Best bet is to keep an eye on Infinite Flight Social Media pages for all the latest news and WIP regarding upcoming features and updates.


Thanks for the answer!!!

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