Infinite Flight 22.4

Personally I would consider Miami a pretty widely known airport 🙂

It’s only been a month or two—that’s not long at all in the development world.

People who learn to enjoy what they have and not complain about what they don’t have

This is what they’ve been doing for the past couple of years. if you would dedicate as much time to following the development process as you apparently dedicate to hating on the development, you would know that.

Not sure where you got that information from…

Nobody is forcing you to play Infinite Flight. If you don’t like it, maybe provide some constructive criticism rather than just trying to bash the hard work that the IF team does for their users. There’s no need to be so disrespectful. Just my two cents 😊


Bruh people complaining abt the update already like be grateful


I love this so much it’s so true haahaha

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Will there be a hotfix coming out to fix the many bugs from 22.4’s release?

Disagreements and being unhappy with a product is okay! If we can have a respectful discussion about it, even better 🙂


There will be a hotfix, yes. It addresses destinations not appearing in the logbook.

If you have more issues to report, please use #support so we’re aware of them. Thanks!


Which are these?
I haven’t really seen that many, besides a few doors not opening as expected and some other minor things.


I guess I just think like going to the extreme isn’t needed could be more polite ahah

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Don’t worry I made a feature request about this just waiting approval then you can vote on it

As we’ve said, this is V1. We will continue to iterate and improve this moving forward, in all aspects.

There was therefore no point for a feature request :)


Guys once again very thankful for this update and for your hard work it is a very requested thing and has helped MAJORLY!!

This would get a vote from me if it was approved.

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Getting really tough to justify the subscription price, y’all

What do you mean I actually think it’s great we’re actually getting lighting in more buildings infinite flight has really improved


What I mean is that as a consumer who pays for this monthly service, it becomes tougher for me to continue to pay Infinite Flight their subscription fee when the updates have been underwhelming (although the game is improving) when I could use that same money on other platforms. After this release, I’m more inclined to spend my money elsewhere and check back on Infinite Flight when they have upped their content to be more on-par with the competition.

Good update but one issue

Y’all decided to add TTCP

What everyone was waiting for so impatiently is finally here.
I have to say, I’m actually impressed, at the new ground services, the approach and taxiway lighting, the JBU A320 (which was added after a cough - slight delay) and the new 3D airports - pretty much almost everything.

If I’m being honest, this could very much be the best update in 2022 - up to this point, of course. We never know exactly what the future has in store for us, and the surprise element is what makes an update enjoyable.


Out of curiosity, in what way do you feel it is underwhelming and what content are you referring us not to be “in par” with?

You’ve been around for quite some time and are able to communicate it in a sensible manner and therefore I personally find this feedback interesting.


That makes sense, I appreciate the further explanation.

Again, this is from a customer/consumer standpoint, but what am I paying for? To not see at night? For aircraft that haven’t been updated since the Obama administration? Infinite Flight’s allure has been the mastery of the multiplayer environment, its accessibility, and the community. At some point, though, this is not enough. The physics are better on X-plane, the cockpit immersion is better on AeroflyFS, and there has to be competition from MFS202 being “free” on Xbox GamePass. As a customer, I’m looking to be convinced to keep using a product and the seemingly slow-rolling development of Infinite Flight allows for competitors to take customers.

Also, you’re right, I have been here for a long time. I love Infinite Flight and want to see it succeed, but I am also practical and want value for my money, and lately Infinite Flight is not delivering on that value compared to other options.