Infinite Flight 22.4

Wow, did I spotted Infinite Flight haters?! RFS player always provoked something and thinks they are better than other flight simulator but they doesn’t!!


This update looks absolutely amazing! I am enjoying this a lot! Great work!

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Sorry to hear you feel that way but thank you for your feedback!
However, we prefer quality over quantity.

Not sure if you’ve fully understood what this update contained:
A lot of stuff for just airports.

In terms of aircraft, i refer to my previous statement:
“Quality over quantity”

Facts doesn’t really agree with that statement.

Not sure where the “Rip off” part comes in, you’re more than welcome to elaborate on that.


Thanks staff got a great update and all your hard work, I bet it’s been tough these last few days just a big thanks and great update

I tested out the taxiway lights at OTHH and I got nothing. Is the taxiway lighting only at some airports?

Most, but not all of the unfortunately.
They need to contain the actual lights data for the app to be able to show them.

The big ones that are currently missing it, will most likely be updated with it sooner than later.

@Ecoops123 explained it in better detail below:


same! I’m so happy they added it.

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when the aircraft is parked at the gate and 2 jet bridges go out only the first door opens??

This is a known issue.

I have to say this is my favourite update so far. Been playing the sim now for 7 years and it’s so nice to see the sim develop so much :D Keep it up devs!

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Great update! And finally happy to see that the Balkans/Southeastern Europe region is getting more 3D airports. It’s an under-represented region in Europe in terms of 3D development so I hope you continue with more additions in the next updates. (Sofia, Belgrade, Skopje, Zagreb etc.)

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so how do i open my doors when i am not at the gate? and how do i open the non passenger boarding doors

The answer to both of those questions is:

You can’t…

i think you should allow more manual control by the users, like we should be able to manually open our doors/cargo doors freely like before, and possibly also direct the ground services to use different doors

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Who gets this triggered by a game update? You should “do better” and just relax. The team has produced an amazing game and it is constantly developing and improving. If you don’t have patience, then kindly exit.


Hey, I was just wondering if we could get PWM in 3D? I know there’s no airport requests, but I would just like to shine a light on Maine, which has no 3D airports at all. Thanks!!

Im happy of the update and the hard work that went into it. But the night time option for me is a no no… its still to dark! Cant see any taxi way other than the lights… it needs to be more brighter. More airport lights. But i suppose the taxi way lights are a start. We need the aircraft landing lights to be more brighter.

we stan the pride livery


Very happy with the update. I feel myself being brought back in to the game especially with the upcoming erj, and lighting improvements. The only disappointing thing about the update is the lack of flexibility with ground services. Being able to choose what service goes to what door etc. Attaching services to the doors also seems strange? Don’t get me wrong, I love that we have these now, but the implementation seems off, maybe clarification for why might help? Although good update overall.


Hi Danny! Indeed it’s not where we want it yet. This is version 1. Next up will be illumination, aircraft lighting, etc etc. The work going on behind the scenes has been HUGE - total rework of a log of our code to allow for this. Don’t forget, Infinite Flight started in 2011. Tech has evolved a lot since then and it’s a lot of work.

When Project Metal advances a bit more, our developers will be able to better light up your night skies.