Infinite Flight 22.3

Not gonna lie i thought the e175 was getting updated in this one or IAH DFW and AUS were getting 3Ded. Oh well I guess we will have to continue waiting

I would keep an eye on the WIP photos - the last one (fairly recently) shows the E175/190 isn’t anywhere near ready yet.

Is the custom tower will added to Hong Kong in the future?

The custom tower at Hong Kong will come in a future update, however, no timeline has been provided as the developers don’t tend to give deadlines on when it’ll come.

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I’m having a problem that may or may not be linked to the new update.

When at JFK and I try to connect jet bridges it says “no jet bridges available”
It also appears that part of the bridge is missing. Please see the photo

It is for all different aircraft and only at JFK airport. I have a Motorola G60s and have tried changing all graphics settings to max and it makes no difference. I am not sure what is happening as if is only at JFK airport and all the other airports are fine.

Can anyone help. Thanks



It’s a known issue and will be “resolved“ in the future

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Oh perfect thank you.
Much happier now that I know it’s not my phone number that isn’t the problem.

Thank you 👍

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next time add Dallas hartford and newerk would love to see working cockpits for the crjs and erjs

Is there a next time?


I’d love to be able to see a 3D update of Shanghai Pudong International Airport in China and develop more 3D airports in China! It would be great if the landing lights of the planes at night could be more realistic

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Improved lighting is in the works!


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