Infinite Flight 22.2

Heu Guys
I think everyone here knows that IF 22.2 was just released and i got the update working just sometime back. Hence decided to take a couple of pictures with some of the new features.


Avelo airlines
Boeing 737-800


Boeing 787-10

One thing i do have to say is that in the replay i did not see the pushback truck. You can see it in the first picture while i was pushing back. I’m not sure if anybody else has mentioned this. If not, developers please look into this.

Hope you liked the pictures. Next i will post more pictures of this flight.
Thank you


Would you fancy that. You were able to post multiple pictures. Wonder how that happened! 😜

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Thank you very much


Glad to see that you are enjoying the update and get another chance to level up in the community. It’s a great day 🙌❤️

Yes I’m loving the update wish to do a full flight from or to one of the newer 3D airports released.

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