Infinite Flight 22.2

Cool, I can’t believe I didn’t notice that!

I still dont understand the choice of the airports…
I don’t understand why very very small airports are chosen like Soulac sur Mer for France. For France you should have now Lyon St Exupery, Rennes St Jacques, Bordeaux, Lille, etc…


airports are selected by the 3D artists. Some decide to do their home airports or smaller ones to get familiar with the systems before taking on big airports. On that note, big airports are more complex to make and take more time. So probably some are in the works but not quite finished yet.


IRL no way I did not know that

Airport editors have the freedom to choose whatever airports they wish to edit. Some airports are ready sooner than others. While I can’t speak on behalf of the airports you mentioned, do note there are many, many, many airports in progress and humans can only work so fast. We have editors who enjoy all sorts of airports. Big, medium, small, GA, military, etc.

  • Big airports - take a longer time. (More complex. More surface area to cover. More detailed with taxiway lines, hold lines, gates, terminals, GA ramps, military ramps, hangars, just to name a few)

  • Small airports - take a shorter time (Often a control tower, if any, hangars, a small terminal if any, less taxiway lines, less holds, very few gates,)

Keep in mind, we haven’t even gotten to the object placement aspect which requires even more time.

We will try our very best to ensure that there is a mix of big, medium, small, GA, military, and everything in between to ensure adequate coverage all over the globe… or “across” the globe for my flat-earthers out there. 😉

But don’t worry. There are still tons of airports that we don’t have yet that even I’m looking forward to. Just a matter of time, patience, few strands of hair pulled (if you have any) s/o to my shiny’s out there haha, and more time. We’re all humans can only work as fast as our fingers will let us.


@DeerCrusher I have a question

I have a question too. But you go first.


I spawned into Dublin earlier and dose not have the parking guide around the airport. Is this being worked on to be added to airports that don’t have it yet

Does Dublin have the parking guides at that gate/airport IRL?

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Yes it does

I can check with the editor for EIDW to have them double check. Thanks!


The self parking units at EIDW were placed down at:

  • South Remote Stands 411L thru 418
  • Gate 313C, 314, 316, 318C, & 409C

This comes out to a total of 14 instances where these are found on the airport.

The data for these were placed down based on information given to the editor on the AIP (Aeronautical Information Publication).


Just want to say what a great Update thank you @DeerCrusher @Asher and @RTG113 for KTPA it is one of my local airports that I fly in and out of thanks so much


Glad you enjoy it. Let either of know if there’s anything that could be looked at. Striving to make things look the best they possibly can! 😉


Thanks for your answer.

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my pleasure. Was a really fun airport to work on. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


I am just so happy to see this in here 😃😃😃


Loving the new update but how exactly do we get the spoilers to go up during touchdown? 🥴

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The spoilers will automatically extend if you have autobrakes engaged. I’d set the brakes to either LO or MED during the arrival/approach phase of flight. You’ll see that the spoilers will read “armed” right after you engage the autobrakes. Touchdown and bam, the spoilers pop up.


Apparently it’s done by volunteers. I don’t understand it either. I guess it’s easy to do random airports in random cities that no one flies to 😂

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