Infinite Flight 22.2

Hopefully later. The staff said that they are going to be adding different tugs for different planes

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Thank you @Levet for editing KPHL, happy to see my hometown airport finally has 3D buildings! I just completed QTR727 DOH-PHL and had to wait to update. Caught @Captfoster departing!


When you select a 3D airport, in the panel that pops open on the right side, a “Contributor” is shown. This is the individual(s) responsible for creating the airport that you get to enjoy. @Levet did an amazing job on Philadelphia. 😃


My man was on a mission to FL400


Yes nice to see Philly another AA hub we’re still missing the major AA hubs though DFW MIA and ORD


These larger airports are a massive undertaking and as everyone has seen, the level of detail and complexity is well worth the reward for waiting. They’ll come to the app in due time. There are a lot of fan favorites across the globe being worked on by some highly talented and passionate folks from across the globe.


Great update! Hoping KMHT and KPSM will be next, as I’ve been itching to fly routes from my hometown airport and the airport I work at. These airports are small and relatively easy to work with I think, but I could be wrong. I know both airports very well. Love the animated tug!

Very exciting update. However, it would have been even better if a push forward function was included, as sometimes planes have to be tugged father from the gate before the engine starts.

I m very satisfied with this Flight Simulator…i m playing this simulator for last 4 years…but e-mailing you sir for indian 3d airports like delhi srinagar VISR… need those airports 3rd sir…thank you sir…

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The work to “pull” an aircraft is done in part but there are many considerations involved. This may be a future iteration.


Wonderful update as always ! ;) It’s a bit off topic but are you planning to rework the A380 in the near future ?

An absolutely fantastic update! I had the opportunity to test out the new pushback tractors before school and I really love them!

In a future iteration, I assume they will be animated to come up to and leave the aircraft. (More work would need to be done)

Also, is there issues or struggles with adding Gate Size Markings and Gate Numbers?

What I mean by issues/struggles is adding text to the ground or adding gate numbers on top of jet bridges?

Were there any changes made to cockpit brightness? It seems much more dimmer than it used to, at least on the 737-800 that I’m flying right now.


Well done developers, thank you! Cant wait for the Latam A321

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What an incredible update!! Thank you devs for your countless hours of hard work. I especially love the new 3D CYYJ. Looks amazing! 😍

Cool update thanks, and thank you for making Jersey (EGJJ) 3D. Its so accurate even down to the car park. 😃

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Looks good devs! Wish I could play it but still haven’t gotten permission to reinstall

I realized that 22.2 released March 22, 2022 lol


Thank you guys so much for this update it is Amazing!!! Especially the Avelo Air Livery i’ve been waiting ages for this but apart from that the Animated Pushback Tug that looks so sick!

IK! I thought of that March 22nd 2022 LOL!

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