Infinite Flight 22.2

If I recall correctly, there is an issue with adding “paint” to the belly of the 737 models due to its old age.

There have been instances where this was done (such as the new Transavia livery), but I assume there are complications, and time may have been a factor in the development of the Avelo model.

Please take the last remark with a grain of salt… it may not be entirely accurate.

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Excellent work you guys! Thanks for making our flying experience GREAT!!

Snow day + update day = best day of the month!!

Y’all just keep delivering don’t y’all?

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What is the DST?

Daylight Savings Time

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Ah okay! Thank you for that easy clarification!!😄💯 (Lmao right now)

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That’s ok. I’m still learning all sorts of new acronyms that people come up with on a daily basis. Cant keep up with them. lol

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Hah, I guess we are on the same boat ⛵⛵!!

I was happy with Update, mainly, because another airport in my state (Pernambuco, Brazil) was added in 3D, welcome SBFN. Thanks Infinite Flight !

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Best Update holy ****

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That’s alphabet soup, not an acronym.

Amazing update Infinite Flight Team, thank you! Keep up the great work!


Oh lets frickin go

I am indeed, but we don’t need to consult pilots type rated on specific aircraft models in every case, and certainly not for the spoiler operation as it is fairly universal.

You are correct when you mentioned that the flaps and spoilers only retract when the aircraft has left the runway though (although the specific case you mentioned of the spoilers staying extended until reaching the gate was either because the pilots forgot to retract them or there was a technical issue).

The automatic retraction was a compromise that the developers had to make in order for it to function correctly. In an ideal world the spoilers would only retract after landing when they are selected to off but this is something that requires a lot more work (and may not be possible for now at least).

Hopefully this is at least a step in the right direction to help improve your landing experience and making it a bit more realistic :)


Half Moon Bay is 3d?! I’m so happy, this is my home airport (well, one of them)! I’m so excited to do some patterns there!

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Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 9.58.32 AM


Folks, don’t forget to submit new feedback with a 5-star review. You can do this with every app update. Just sent mine over.

It goes a long way and means a lot to the staff and development team!


Just a question I’ve tried using the animated pushback tugs and currently they’re the ones that are designed for widebody aircraft so when I try it with a 737 the nose is halfway inside the tug will we be getting the tug that has a Tow bar attached that is usually used for regional jet and narrow body aircraft


Yes, the devs are limited in modeling capacity due to the war so it will take some time.

I observed this too, but Another type of pushback tug is being made if I’m not wrong…