Infinite Flight 22.2

Just proves how great the quality on IF is, even airlines can’t tell if it’s real or not


The aircraft nose is inside the tug cab

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This is a known thing and will be addressed when more tugs are added for different types and aircraft sizes.

no you’re a sidestick


Thanks for your hard work!! Can’t wait to do some ATL/TPA turns on the 757!! 😊



Did that flight about a week or so ago! Was pretty cool!

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hey uh, how come today’s stream isn’t on the YT page?

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Did not expect the auto brakes or the pushback trucks! Too bad I couldn’t make a reaction to this, away from the IPad at the moment traveling.

Hope everyone enjoys the new update, and thank you team Infinite Flight once again for what looks like another awesome update! Looking forward to checking it out when I get back home on Friday!


it has been postponed because dan’s wifi went down

well isn’t that great (sarcastic talking)

i suppose this is a limitation of not having many pilots to consult regarding a wide array of aircraft

in many flights i’ve flown onboard 787s and 777s the spoilers and flaps often don’t come up until the aircraft is well clear of the runway, and i’ve seen 777s at LAX make it all the way to the gate with spoilers up

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Read this post, it explains it very well.

This is nothing short of an amazing update! Thank You Infinite Flight :)

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Love the hardwork on the airports. My only qualm is that Asia is consistently ignored. I just wish that there could be 3D Airports for Shanghai, Kansai, Narita, Taipei, Hong Kong, Dehli, Ho Chi Minh, etc. instead of a focus on American and Canadian airports because there are too many 3D airports in America and Europe and not enough in Africa or Asia or South America. That’s my only qualm but other than that I love the airport


I have got the updates, yet it is not as realistic as I though 😢 I wished the typical tug in airport I have been seeing in previous update would come toward you and attached the front wheel once requested.
Anyway overall update is great tho

where and when is this stream happening because i cant find it

That could happen in the future. This is V1 of a complex feature and will most likely be iterated on in future versions

yeah i get what he’s saying (i believe regan is certified on the A32X family?) i’m just noting that with future iterations where type-specific configurations and spoiler operations are the priority, they’d probably have to consult pilots type rated on the 777 or 787 etc

It’s been postponed due to WiFi issues