Infinite Flight 22.2

I have a problem with that at Charlotte it won’t let me connect any jet bridges it’s so annoying

But when I tried to put them up on the taxiway when I’m taxing they won’t go up why?

Correct,the Tower at Abu Dhabi is also not lit for some reason…

I could connect the jetbridges at KCLT already, but in KJFK and EGPH I couldn’t

If you have met the prerequisites (parking brakes set and engines off) and still encountering an issue, please create a #support topic with the necessary information (i.e., gate, device, software version, etc.).

The current JFK model does not have animated jetways, hence their inability to connect. Animations will come to the airport in due time.

Concerning EGPH: as I said to Elizabeth_Epperson above, please create a #support topic if you are having issues.


Correct. Technically not a thing while we may think it is. When we see spoilers pop up right after pushback, that’s the pilots testing their flight controls. These are what is known as “roll spoilers”, something that we do not have in Infinite Flight. Though there is a feature request for it.


Thanks for the explanation! That explained a LOT!

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Thank you IF Team ❤️

The new release is BOMB! I’m loving doing LFPG to LFMN! But as a proudly Portuguese guy, I’ve been wondering when the Lisbon main Airport (LPPT) would be done in 3D. Can’t wait for it to be reworked!!


Though I’m still quite disappointed that MIA and DFW hasn’t been made 3D as of late, I certainly do appreciate the wise range of airports and new features that’s made it into the app. I wonder if DFW and Miami is just too complex to convert, maybe no one wants to take it on yet. Thanks for the folks at infinite flight for continuing to provide a wonderful app for us to enjoy.


I feel very disappointed about MIA too. Just unfair

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MIA airport will come eventually.


Nah, unfair is to say it’s unfair. Especially when looking at this map showing all 3D airport in Infinite Flight and realize how big the world is.


Dats a lot of airports



Yes, there’s a big variety,thanks for this, but kinda sad cuz Miami isn’t on that list :(

Hope so, it would be cool

Yeah, this is how lighting should be look like on TBIT


This is a known issue regarding the lighting of some objects and has been noted internally.

Fingers crossed it’s resolved soon!


You see the map?😂Maximum airports are from US and Europe and only handful of them in rest of the world


Is the pushback truck was available on default airports yet?