Infinite Flight 22.2

Apparently it’s done by volunteers. I don’t understand it either. I guess it’s easy to do random airports in random cities that no one flies to 😂

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Thanks. I thought I had mines as MED but the spoilers didn’t go up. Guess I’ll try again.

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Since they are volunteers they tend to decide to build their local airport which therefore isn’t random. Small airports are also better practice before building big ones

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That’s why I asked about it being some difficulty, but look at the transavia that recently arrived with layout in the belly…

I’m always late to the party :(

I was also just there to go to a museum! Naval Air Station museum NAS Pensacola PT:2

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Thank you so much for SBEG, SBRJ and mostly SBFN! 🇧🇷 You guys rock!
Looking forward to having SBBR (please). 😜


Thanks for the answer! I was told this when I asked in a group, but it is only valid for Airbus, because in Boeings, for example, there is a “separation” between RTO and MAX.

A question that came up after seeing the autobrake topic and the video tutorial, what is the rate of deceleration of LOW and MEDIUM?

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While this number varies from aircraft-to-aircraft IRL, IF’s deceleration rate is likely the same for all. While there are many different rates of deceleration, it’s likely between 3-6kts per second as shown here: Deceleration on the Runway | SKYbrary Aviation Safety

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Low and Medium have a decel rate as follows:

  • Low: 5.6ft/s2

  • Med: 7.2ft/s2



When Matt beats you to it and gives a better answer 🥴😡


Do you know how much is that compared to the percentage on the rudder brakes?

I don’t unfortunately. If I had to guess and this is a very wide range, LO = 50-60%, MED = 61-75%. MAX being about near 100%


To put it simply, why should the functionality of the spoilers still be effected even if you choose not to use the autobrake feature at all.


It’s a great update overall but i just wish this autobrake feature was never introduced

Great update , but we need manual spoilers back , I need to see those beautiful 777 spoilers while I’m taxing 😉


Am I the only one who can’t connect the jetbridges at EGPH? Or anyone else has this problem?

I could not agree more

I have read about live ground service which will come in future update. Talking about that, do you think you will add auto pushback features like MSFS/XPlane in future update? Some people can’t lineup properly above taxi line when pushback their own aircraft.

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