Infinite Flight 22.2

Bingo! That could work - or even just a “flight control check” button in the miscellaneous tab like how Laura was alluding to.


I like this idea

Always great to hear the behind the scenes perspective, maybe I’m just missing something, but why would the spoiler deployment be affected when autobrakes are selected off on the ground?

I understand the current RTO logic, whereby when the power is brought to idle on takeoff, it deploys the spoilers and applies braking, however what I am not understanding is how that affects spoiler deployment logic when the Autobrake is selected to OFF.

When it is off shouldn’t the spoilers just deploy normally on the ground, and or stay extended until manually retracted? Either on rollout (after the autobrake was overridden), or during a flight control check during taxi.


Can we just talk about how genius Avelo is? After almost no effort on their part, thousands of people who may not of heard of the airline before now know about it and will likely research their network. Insanely smart marketing!

Super happy to finally have them in the game too! Some niche routes that will definitely be nice to fly every once in a while


Speaking of airline marketing, didn’t Thai Airways once use an IF screenshot in their marketing?


Apart from manually disarming the spoilers after landing, the spoilers now behave exactly as they would IRL (it wasn’t possible to do this at the time as it added too much complexity).

I know people may be disappointed with not being able to do things such as ‘flight control checks’ by arming the spoilers, but actually this isn’t something that arming the spoilers was ever meant to do in the first place and is another element that hopefully we can eventually look at and improve.

But for v1, this was really about trying to give pilots a much more realistic experience with how autobrakes and spoilers are used IRL. (I should also add that the autobrake system is somewhat a bit of a hybrid to try and cover as many aircraft types as possible, albeit based off of the Airbus model, but it operates in a very similar way across the board).

Hope that helps explain some of it further :)


Thanks, Regan! #pilot

Reminder for everyone with new features: ASK QUESTIONS! Jumping to conclusions about things being broken leads us down these types of roads until we get the real answers.

I think a “flight control test” feature would be really cool and solve a lot of the angst here.


By accident I believe haha. Multiple airlines have done this, some intentional and some not


Thanks for the extra explanation, I don’t want to sound disappointed, this update has many amazing and surprising features including the auto break system. It is clear how much time and effort everyone on the IF team puts into these updates and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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Just proves how great the quality on IF is, even airlines can’t tell if it’s real or not


The aircraft nose is inside the tug cab

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This is a known thing and will be addressed when more tugs are added for different types and aircraft sizes.

no you’re a sidestick


Thanks for your hard work!! Can’t wait to do some ATL/TPA turns on the 757!! 😊



Did that flight about a week or so ago! Was pretty cool!

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hey uh, how come today’s stream isn’t on the YT page?

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Did not expect the auto brakes or the pushback trucks! Too bad I couldn’t make a reaction to this, away from the IPad at the moment traveling.

Hope everyone enjoys the new update, and thank you team Infinite Flight once again for what looks like another awesome update! Looking forward to checking it out when I get back home on Friday!


it has been postponed because dan’s wifi went down

well isn’t that great (sarcastic talking)