Infinite Flight 22.2

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Oh good to hear, as the A320/330/350 also has an autobrake indication on the ECAM.

And for reference this is the EICAS message on the 777 for Autobrake selection.



Issue has been brought to the attention of the editor. Thanks for letting us know. Should be fixed soon


Could the activation of autobrake be indicated on the rudder? There is way to tell if you have deactivated AB by accident by pulling down on the rudder.

This is purely an inquiry and not a complaint. Please hear me out.

Here it says that max autobrakes are only used for take-off. However, this system actually only applies to the A320/330/340 families of aircraft.

However, it works in an entirely different way on Boeings and even the A380:

(757 autobrake settings)

As you can see here, ‘MAX’ is still used for landing on the 757 and there is an additional RTO setting for rejected takeoffs.

(A380 autobrake settings)

It works in a similar way on the A380, except for the fact that there is an additional ‘Brake to Vacate’ setting here. ‘HI’ can still be used for landing.

May I know why the autobrakes are only modeled after that of a select few Airbus aircraft? Answers/solutions would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

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We started with an initial implementation based on the majority of the Airbus family (as well as the EJets) since we have a pilot on this fleet within the team. We’ll likely add aircraft-specific configurations going forward, but for v1 we decided to do one implementation properly that we could iterate on.

Max in IF is the corresponding level as RTO on the Boeing family


We can look into that as a UX improvement at some point, thanks!

If you check the HUD view a message is displayed when auto-breaking is active

Thank you for the explanation; I am also excited for the possibility of aircraft-specific autobrake configurations being added in the future.

Yes, IF you are using the HUD, but without the HUD it’s impossible to tell at a glance.

Cool update, but where is… just kidding ;)

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I put detailed explanation about rendering quality settings here:

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Like most things on IF, it can and probably will be iterated on.

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Could you guys please add OBBI in 3D, along with adding the Gulf Air 787 livery, both the new and the retro. Thanks guys!

Could this mean animated ground crews??

That would likely require a different system to function, and rendering dozens of little people around an airport especially with animations would likely put extra pressure on devices. But maybe at some point in the future this could happen.

Stream cancelled :(

Thanks for the feedback.

Regarding spoiler automatic retraction that was added in 22.2… It was changed because Autobrake needs spoilers to be extended to activate.
Since now Autobrakes can be activated on the ground (for rejected takeoff), spoilers would be automatically expanded when throttle is at 0% during taxi to the runway, which is not super realistic.
That is, unless we properly detect that the plane is in 'take off" mode, and that comes with a host of problems.
The bottom line is that there’s many configurations and situations where things can and cannot happen based on various parameters (take off, landing, autobrake on/off, etc…) so it seemed like a simple thing to add here, much like we had reverse that cancel out at a certain speed for now.

Note that when I was working on this system, multiple pilots came to me with details about how each of their airplanes had different behavior when it comes to autobrakes, reverse and spoiler operation.

We chose this approach because it made sense and seemed like the one that would cause less issues and configuration mismatches, especially for new users.

As always, we’re always listening. So a proper approach to this could be to have the same system that liners use for testing their control surfaces (which are probably automated, and all have their own sets of restrictions…).


This is very fantastic 🥰🥰🥰

Maybe have 4 speed break options?
Deployed (Not available during flight)
Armed (Under the control of auto breaking system)
This would give pilots the ability to manually control the speed breaks and their integration with the auto breaking system.