Infinite Flight 22.2

I would like to simply ‘not use it’ as @jasonrosewell so elegantly put it, but the rule added about the spoilers being disarmed under 40kts happens even when I don’t use the autobrake. how is that fair?


Auto break does exist in real life.

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Never mind I figured it out

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Not on all aircraft

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But still a good feature to have on all aircraft. It’s important.

It’s not about fair. Laura will explain the technical side momentarily.


Thanks for the reminder (and the kind words!). I just fixed the issue so it should now show if you restart the app. Sorry for the delay!

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These updates continue to surprise. Definitely didn’t see the pushback trucks and auto brakes. Good small additions.

@AV-Booney please read my post again.

And on another note, I may be missing it, but is there an autobrake disengage annunciator of some sort? When reverting to manual braking it seems difficult to tell if the autobrakes have actually shut off.

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Auto-breaking is indicated on the HUD view when it is activated. By using rudder breaking or parking breaks, auto breaking will disable. Alternatively, you can just switch it off using the Auto-break switch on the UI controls.

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I don’t know who was asking for this feature but it really annoys me that it now effects how the entire game is played even when you don’t have autobrake turned on

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Ah, I didn’t check the HUD.
However on the live-cockpit Boeings, there should be an EICAS message indicating the selected autobrake level, and when they are overridden it should revert to an amber “AUTOBRAKES” message indicating that they have been disabled.

I’ll try to find a good picture of it.

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Currently enroute to Hong Kong. Won’t get to experience the update for 10 more hours.

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With upcoming aircraft such as the E-Jets, the auto breaking feature may be integrated into the live cockpit displays

Tried getting it out for the Breeze A220 but… IRL work got in the way and school for some of the other folks who helped build it. But she’s here now. 😁


Ah good to know, where did you hear that information?

There’s no official confirmation that it’ll be a feature, but we’ll likely add it as we create new sets of aircraft instruments. We’ll be sure to add it at some point to the existing ones when we revisit them


That’s just my assumption based off of how IF has worked previously, I have no proper confirmation.

im on the B77F rn and it does not show up on the live screens. Little bit sad

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I guess I kind of have confirmation now!

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