Infinite Flight 22.1

⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑ update! It’s so great

We are glad to see Simplified-Chinese is here, thanks @FlightGT and @Korgast for their contributions!


Nice! Glad to see it finally here. Totally know what’s my first flight gonna be.

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Stand Guidance?!?!? That is so cool!

Nice!!! Just landed 2 minutes ago and got this notification!!!😃 Timed it right! Thank you devs, looking forward to this!!!🙌🏾

The youtube video is so hype !!!


Lets gooo CLT got live gates :DDD



This Rose is for you Infinite flight Team!
Thanks very much!

Amazing stuff - yet another update where you’ve outdone yourselves. Stand Guidance was a fantastic surprise!! 👏👏👏👏

I can’t wait 😛

Wow, I’m so exited for this!

lots of very exiting features exited to check out Atlanta and Innsbruck

Brilliant 22.1 update if anything its bonkers!🥳🥳🥳
Thank you @jasonrosewell for your blog!
Brilliant work to all the staff& everyone else working behind the scenes - thank you! 🙏🙌🙌
Double celebrations for me personally as I will break 3M XP today (only 45 XP away).

I figured this would be today! YAHOO! 😁✈️

This update is going to delight everyone.

such a dedicated and hard working community of volunteers and community members.

Great job!

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I still dont see the update

OMG beyond excited for this…Thank you thank you.

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The update will take time to roll out to everyone


Alredy hyped to the A380 with Jet bridges connected


You forgot the REX livery for the 737-800

That will be insane