Infinite Flight 22.1

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as “just take the windows out” and “smack a cargo door on it”. That would require a different model which is a lot more involved. Hopefully some day we can work on that though, more cargo aircraft would be great!


We are all for that ;)

But we’re extremely grateful for the Queen! Thanks for all the hard work behind the scenes!


well, the B748 hasn’t been reworked yet. This model is old and it is B748 and B748F combined. The B757 has been reworked and the only model is for pax variants. Would be very weird to have a FedEx livery on a pax aircraft.

Slappin a cargo door, would mean a new model with new physics which takes time. In the meantime, enjoy the B77F, DC-10F, and 208 Caravan!

This appears to happen at all airports whenever you are on runway

This issue has already been reported quite a few times already; it’s known and will be addressed in the future. Turning anti-aliasing on should serve as a temporary solution.


Glad to see new improvements, especially for including MNL in 3D Airports. Thanks for the update!

Just like to ask if who’s responsible or is there any possibility that a specific aircraft registration can be edited. Example: Philippine Airlines 4 out of 6 A350-900 had already left. Can someone change the registration of the aircraft here in IF?

It kicks me out of game have to log back in

Thanks Mike@M&K

Transavia looks 🔥 great job devs!


I have something to ask, does your 3D airport editor team will reposition all third jet bridges height on new Tom Bradley terminal? Because in real life third jet bridges should be higher than two jet bridges. While in Infinite Flight, all this jet bridges nearly same height than what it suppose to be.

Real Life TBIT (Third Jet Bridges & Interior second floor can be seen inside)

Infinite Flight TBIT (Nearly Same Height)


Animated JetBridges looking nice! Hope the canopy will be animated soon as it looks weird a little without it since parts of the jet bridge are sticking out

I am not asking for it just IMO

Hi Hadzrien,

Thanks for voicing your concerns with LAX. Currently jetbridge heights cannot be adjusted above their default height (it would result in the base floating). I’ll forward this as an idea for the dev team to consider if possible.


One solution that I’ve seen used is to add a block underneath and have the base stand on it.


Ooh yeah Laura,that could prove to be A solution,cause the upper deck on A380 can’t be reached with these aerobridges, so hopefully you can implement that.😉


Just taking a moment to thank the devs for the awesome new livery. Our cargo family literally has not stopped flying it. :)


Same love the update

Thanks for 3D Kai Tak! Just arrived in there from New York aboard a Northwest Boeing 747-200!


Landing VS of -40fpm is a new level of badass at VHHX. Nice one!


Amazing, thank you team for all the hard work!

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I’ve been practicing a lot there over the past month. I usually average -80 to -160 fpm landings there, so that was a pleasant surprise. My main tip for smooth landings at Kai Tak is to fly manually below 5000 feet. Also, whenever I listen to this song while landing at Kai Tak specifically, I land smoothly.

Yeah I don’t get it either.