Infinite Flight 22.1

This update will be the closest thing to a Valentine I’ll ever receive.

Looking forward to the future arrival of the Super Hornet and E-jets


Quick question. Could we have a list with all the airports with Stand Guidance?

There is a list on the 22.1 blog article.

the airport list with Stand Guidance is in the blog.

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Great update. Lots of great work put in. I am hoping to seevAny East African mainland airport updated in the next…NAIROBI, ENTEBBE Or DAR

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Certainly, I posted a list above but here is the list of all 40 airports that’s have stand guidance in IF


The new Transavia livery is missing the Transavia logo on the winglet

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the logo is supposed to be there tho

so…. what about all the other languages in the world? why was Chinese simplified and added, i mean, there is indian… Slavic, Norwegian… im sure hundreds of African dialects…there are litteraly thousands of dialects of different languages with people who im sure would love to understand and play the nfinite flight… is this something we can expect for everyone?

I can translate it to Norwegian, but I’m to lazy for that


i love you man!!!

Translations are contributed by the community and we received a contribution for this recently. There are other languages in the works from members of the community.

Chinese was not specifically simplified for this addition, it is using the “Simplified Chinese” character set (for one of the most used languages by worldwide speakers).

More info is here for contributors: GitHub - flyingdevelopmentstudio/infiniteflight-localization: This repository is for translating the Infinite Flight app into other languages.


ahhh i see! helpful… helps to grease the wheels too im sure! right on! its very interesting tho… ill keep this in mind for future reference! thanks for clearing that up!

and its hideous too!!

What are the blue squares on the map for?

What blue squares?


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Like here

(nvm @Skonert beat me to it)


Regions for Non pro users


That’s the regions available to non-pro users

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