Infinite Flight 22.1

Blog article by Jason Rosewell

Welcome to Infinite Flight 22.1! Today we release two new features that are sure to make every pilot’s experience on the ground a lot more realistic: animated jet bridges and stand guidance. Along with this, we’re releasing our largest offering of new 3D airports yet, a selection of new liveries, and more. Read the full article →

Special Thanks

We’re so grateful for the community contributions that go into each update. Thank you to those that have contributed to this and other releases. Moderators, beta testers, airport editors, and language contributors: you have helped to make everyone’s Infinite Flight experience better!

Roll out to your devices has now begun for 22.1! See below for FAQ about this release.



When is the update available on my device?

We are beginning with a staged roll-out on Android, followed by iOS, to ensure we cover any launch issues smoothly. This means we are releasing the app to more people in stages. Please note we don’t know at what time it will reach your device as this is determined by the Play Store and App Store.

I can’t login with my Facebook or Google account anymore.

Legacy login with Facebook and Google was removed from the iOS version in a previous update. If you want to use your subscription across multiple devices, you can connect your Infinite Flight Community account to use as a login method instead. You can connect this account inside the app.

If you can’t find your account or statistics and you used to login with Facebook or Google, we recommend using our new Account Migration tool on our website:


I have a question/issue with the new update

Please use the Support category to get help with 22.1.

Thanks for your patience!

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Clear skies, and remember to keep the dirty side down!


First and Nice Update!


Yes wow so excited!

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Congratulations on your first release of the year!


So nice! Love it

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Thanks Devs.


Wonderful great

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Omg you guys are just the best 😁👍🔥💙

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Woop Woop !!! Lets go !!!


Thx so much

Woohoooooo! I’m so excited :))))

Skiathos 😍


A couple mentions of 21.8 might want to correct those

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Fire as always 🔥

Here’s to the next generation of 3D buildings and terminals in Infinite Flight! 🥂


Cant wait to fly that Transavia 738 !


This is beautiful and cant wait to fly the UPS livery


Cooool 😎😍 Nice Job Infinite Flight!

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Wow! What a treat. Incredible job to everyone! Thank you so much!!

moving jet bridges and stand guidance? best. valentines. ever.


You guys outdo yourselves, so many liverys with much more votes than the ones you posted and weren’t added. unbelievable! But congratulations on the airports.