Infinite Flight 22.1 Is Out (With Lights and Shadows)

So yes, we finally got the very awaited, animated terminal bridges, one of the most revolutionary additions to Infinite Flight.

Since 2020, Infinite Flight have shown to the community the big discipline and capability that the multiple developers of the team show at the time of adding new features to the flight simulator. But let’s talk about what is going on today.

Whenever the livery topic comes out in this community, there are hundreds of requests that have been ignored, and not taken into account, like the very case of the AeroMexico 787-9 and 737-800. Both of these have more votes than any other livery request out there. However, there is a resistance against adding it, and the team keeps refusing to listen, as if the addition of this livery was impossible, or represented a big challenge.

22.1 brought to us new liveries for the 737-800 which means that IF is still interested on amplifying the livery selection of all of their aircraft, including the old ones. Then, why can’t we get that livery? Might the answer be the IF team showing rejection against the Latin community? I’ll say probably. Moving on, as if the resistant to add the AeroMexico 737-800 wasn’t sufficient, the COPA AIRLINES 737-800 got removed, putting the final shot to leave something very clear, their resistance against the Latin community.

Honestly, I would not congrulate IF for this update, because this time, the AeroMexico 737-800 was a very popular topic once we knew that Infinite Flight was adding the Pegasus 737. They surely read a couple of hundreds of messages by me and others saying: ADD AEROMEXICO 737-800. But they didn’t listen to us, and they’ll never do.

THE ONLY answer that the Team would give me, is to close this topic and again express their resistance against the requests of multiple Mexican and Latin American liveries. For now, I’ll enjoy what we have got, and I’ll be still waiting for any update on the inexistent development of this livery and the AMX 787-9.

And one last thing, if adding these liveries is not impossible, then instead of closing this topic, read it, and take into account the years of request and manifestation that we have been through.

Good day.


I will be honest, I somewhat agree and disagree with what your saying.

You never know what’s going on behind the scenes and do remember they have their own life just like you do. The only thing you can do is supporting the topic, if you show what you really want and keep on expressing those feelings (Don’t do too much) im sure they will work on it. If there is a bigger group they will notice it but I have seen that they put liveries that have less votes then others which is confusing tbh.

But I like I said in the topic of the feature for AMX 738 Patience is Key and continue supporting, and hopefully it will be in the game soon.


I’m sure these liveries would get their debut when the time is right. Many things happening in the background

This is a very unfair claim that holds no substance. We do not have any resistance towards any sub-community, and as we’ve explained many times, it’s a case of balancing demand with our development bandwidth.

Regarding the COPA livery, this was explained on this post below. It is just a temporary removal due to some reports in beta, and it will be back with the new, highly requested livery as soon as it has been fixed: