Infinite Flight 22.1 CLT-JFK game crash

Hello folks, I am very upset about this incident. I was doing a flight from St. Louis to JFK via Charlotte and on the second leg on American Airlines from CLT to JFK on the approach as I was about to touch down at JFK on RWY 31R, the game cuts off, like the game crashed for no reason. I hate when it does that cuz now I have to start the flight all over again and I can’t spend another night for this. I’m sick and tired of these game crashes. There should be a solution for this issue. I checked the storage and I was at 30 GB out of 32 GB meaning I’m running out of space on my iPhone 6S.

It maybe time to upgrade your phone if you want to continue playing because as IF releases these new updates with more 3D buildings, reworks, etc, it is only going to make it more likely you will crash due to overheating.

Okay. You have limited storage. Try to free up some storage, some ways you could do that is by deleting all replays, clearing scenery cashe often, deleting some photos & apps, etc… Crashes often happen like that when you have low storage. Also turn on low battery mode, keep lowest settings possible, and maybe this will happen less. Also it might be time to upgrade, the 6S was a good phone a few years ago, but now it is struggling to keep up with the current demands of a device to run IF. Hopefully this should help :)

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Same, I was doing a night flight from EGLL to KATL and when I was on the final approach the game just shut down, I’m in the IPad 6th and have 24 gb out of 32 gb

Yep and I have ordered a iPad mini 6 and will be there at FIU Panther Tech for me to pick up by March. So I will not be playing Infinite Flight for a while until the iPad arrives. It is an iPad with 64 GB.