Infinite Flight 21.8

good we have proper cabins, in the future we should add like passengers you can see sitting down or moving around


Our captain is graying now😢


If, and that’s a big if, I get banned on the IFC, will I still be able to log in to my IF account with my IFC profile? Or will I end up banned from flying altogether?


If I’m not wrong, a suspension/ban doesn’t mean your account details are deleted. It just means that you can’t access or interact on the forum. So presumably you’d still be able to log in with your account onto the sim, but if you try logging in on the forum you won’t be able to interact or post.

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We have a procedure for handling that on our end, but we hope to not have to use it on users :)


Hello Infinite Flight Um when i was going to my Google play to update your app it said this device isn’t compatible.

Hey Jesse! Did you try these steps listed below?
Also - if the issue is similar to the one in the thread below, please feel free to continue in that thread. It helps the devs organise and collect all the relevant data into one topic.

I think the captain should have beard or mustache when grow older lol 👴🏼


The A220 is so detailed, the quality is real

nice plane. Powerful, efficient, and easy to fly. Kinda sad we didn’t get the air Senegal livery.

Agreed 😍 it amazing

Or the other 2 air Baltic specials

Facts!!!🤣 I hope it comes soon. Either way. can’t wait to get out of school and do a flight! Amazing Jobs Dev!

Wait what should I do I think I’m Google Logged-in???

Best Christmas gift ever. EVER! So happy to see Florida got it’s first 3D Airport and my hometown’s airport’s (KJFK) tower looks exquisite!

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If your account is already connected to the IFC, then you don’t need to do anything as you can login with that :)

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Wow It’s finally released! Thank you😄

Congrats again to the team for another update! Great job on the 220 and especially the cockpit, which looks spectacular!

Just one minor question I have in regards to the exterior model livery rendering. Overall it’s very high quality, but when I was doing an up-close walkaround of the model itself I noticed that some of the smaller text and especially the windows are blurred. Just curious if this is memory-related or what the underlying cause might be for that? I’m guessing, similar to the ground equipment, it can be 4k high-def, but for memory efficiency it’s blurred?

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Loving the new update! Really love the physics on the A220 and a very excellent selection of liveries. Still surprised we don’t have major US airports in Texas like DFW and IAH 😞


You did an amazing job with the 220. Keep up the good work!