Infinite Flight 21.8

I am from Ukraine, English is average. Didn’t understand about this update. FIXED

  • Missing option to add or replace flight plan while importing from a .fpl file

Now you can add flight plans in .fpl format ???

Thanks IF for adding this beautiful aircraft this is my Fav narrow body aircraft

Hello! The option to import flight plans has been there for a few updates. We have information on how to share flight plans here:

The fix in 21.8 is for a bug which would automatically replace the flight plan every time; we have fixed it so you have the option to add the contents of an fpl to the end of an existing flight plan.

Hope this helps!


Previously, when I wanted to open a flight plan in a game, I just paused the game and nothing happened. Or when I opened a flight plan using endless flight nothing happened, I will have to try now after updating the flight plan in the game.

Make sure you try this inside the app. Go to the Map, then the Pause menu, then tap on the button next to Number 2. That will let you select a file to import.


So I tried to download, I pressed the button near the number 2 and the game was simply paused, and nothing happened, but I tried after the last update, now it might work

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Yes, we often reduce the texture resolution of the original model (the model that we get from our 3d artists) to stay under a certain memory budget.
Small text on exterior livery could take a lot of texture space to be readable which would result in other parts of the livery to be of lesser quality. We could certainly texture those parts separately but that can also have performance impact.

To summarize, this is the result of a complex balancing act between memory, performance and quality.
That being said this is an open problem we are trying to solve (we do have some ideas but it is complex to implement).

Hope this helps.


Is it just me or the engines on the A220 are too weak?? I mean, I am climbing through 31000ft Mach 0.76 65% load and climbing at 1500ft/min and it needs 91% N1 to keep up. Am I doing something wrong?

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This sounds very normal. Most aircraft at that altitude are going to climb at or less than what you’re getting right now.


Oh well then it’s alright, thanks!

I’d generally stay at or under 1000 FPM above FL300.


Appreciate the response Philippe! Makes sense — seems that my intuition was more or less correct on that. Thanks for the insight

Rip Air Senegal…

Devs, I just wanna say thank you for all the hard work and effort you put to make this one of the best mobile simulators. Also, I’m mainly super happy because LSGG is 3D now :D

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LOVE THE NEW UPDATE! Amazing A220-300 the interior is amazing. The new airports/towers are fabulous. But I only have one problem with it. I don’t like that you removed the log-in with google/Facebook. I cannot buy the pro subscription on my tablet, so I buy it on my phone then log in through google on infinite flight on my Ipad. I know you can use infinite flight account but it just doesn’t seem to work that much for me. Anyways that’s all for me. Once again amazing update! BTW flying the A220-300 right now with the swiss livery for LSZH-EGLL.

is the interior based off air canada for all the airlines in the game?

Hey! Welcome to the community!

It’s the exact same process, except now instead of using Google, you’d use your IFC account (the same username you’re using on here).

You can take a look at how to migrate from Google to an IFC-linked account in the link below, and continue subscribing and keeping your old account stats active as usual:

LEPA , ESSA and LSGG 🏔🇨🇭 are now 3D , this will offer many routes for you guys @easyJetVirtual :)


Congrats ESSA🇸🇪, ENBR🇳🇴, EETN🇪🇪 and EVRA🇱🇻 and AirBaltic for your 3rd and 4th aircraft livery on IF 👏🏻😊

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They just keep coming😍 we will be having an event to Geneva very soon!👀