Infinite Flight 21.8

Same here, I guess the people who have it are all android.

Hope you enjoy the airport! It was fun to make.

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Is the update out for iOS in India? I can’t wait!!😭😭 Misha please give A reply.

What are the registrations on Air France and Air Baltic normal livery? I don’t have the update yet and I’d like to know it

Air Baltic & special livery, Korean air, Iraqi air, Ibom Air, Egypt Air & Express and many more. wow


We don’t control the location of the rollout, so we can’t say when it will come to your specific device in your specific country. Sit tight and remember that good things come to those who wait!


It have truly been a superb year for IF development.

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Yup,Thanks 👍🏼

Well, I’ll be pending if the update comes out. I’ll plan my first flight on A220 !

I think it was a great idea for IF to acknowledge Bombardier and Canada’s work on the aircraft with the livery. Afterall it all started as the Bombardier CS100/300.

I certainly will! This is the best update ever!!! Thank you so much for everything, from the A220, to all those airports and new features! You guys are the best!

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Incredible update - can’t wait to fly the A220.

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Still waiting for IOS

Same, we should be patient

It’s here!!!

Wow brilliant update😍😍
Already testing out

I am iOS and just got it

I got it on IOS UK

Really? Hm I am also from Munich and on iOS but I still don’t have it :(

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