Infinite Flight 21.8

Definitely not going to be released before the end of this year.

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Is A220 pro only? They should release it to all including non pro :)

They have said that they are bringing new sounds to the A220 in a future update, they are waiting for the sound pack.


The mask on Infinite Flight looks very big or is it the same


Hopefully it’s a short wait… I can’t wait to hear the a223 HOWL

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And here you go, someone else noticed this


Hey I just made a flight from London in the A220 and when I am almost at my cruising altitude the game crashed is that normal?

Can you create a #support topic and from there you can further assistance

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I used around M-0.75 for most of my cruise. It depends on the aircrafts weight, too, but I’d say no more than .77

Not complaining, but I did find this tiny cube. It’s honestly pretty cool. The update is amazing.


What is that?

I’m guessing it’s textures.


Holy crap! I’m losing it! Not going into work! Lmao. Thank you IF TEAM. Great work! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉


i agree awesome

Yes, the A220 is for Pro subscribers only. They’d made that clear some time ago :)

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Wow wow wow! I have just done a quick live flight from Nice to Zürich, and enjoyed every bit of it. That plane is perfect.

Thanks @ Laura, philippe for having created such a great sim and brought it up to where it is now. And kudos to all the developers.

That app has it all! And the amazing thing is that we want even more… and the most amazing thing is that we will get more!!! Forever!


Yup I did a short flight as well. I was disappointed with the sound tho. The 777 class has the best sound.


Ok, but the way it flies is amazing! And it is pretty too!

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It would be nice if we android players could fly around and injoy the 10th year, but it seems the latest version no longer supports android galaxy or other types, i would like for you guys it fix this if you can

Hey @bismark_king_of_the !

It seems like your device does not run 64-bit architecture.

Ever since version 21.1, Infinite Flight has required both the device chip and the OS to be 64-bit, due to the increased processing power requirements, and in keeping with the advancing technology.

Unfortunately, the developers have indicated that there are no plans for 32-bit compatibility, as this would be impossible given the lower processing power and the older architecture of 32-bit devices.

There are some devices that have a 64-bit chip, but for whatever reason, run 32-bit versions of Android. Infinite Flight is not supported on these kinds of devices, as of version 21.1.

The latest version that you can run with a 32-bit device is version 20.3 as far as I’m aware.

Sorry about that! The only thing I can recommend is upgrading your device.

Hope this helped :)