Infinite Flight 21.8

Just got the update!! Looks like I’ll have to do my English essay for homework…


Get into a flight and make the homework in cruise

OMG RSW!!! Really happy to see this as the first 3D airport in Florida ;) @Steven_Tellmann @Goldy


OMG I love the A220, the Graphics, Sound, Handling, everything! Perfect

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With the A220, you have surpassed yourself! The engines and fanblades are phenomenal! LEPA has also succeeded mega. Thanks for the quick update! I wish everyone happy landings


Has anyone noticed the slight update to the generic jet sounds? 👀


I tested the aircraft and I love it it is just missing the sound . Landing is easy to do unlike the 757 xD


Just want to say a BIG THANKS 😊 to the Infinite flight ✈️ Team and developers. Absolutely wonderful update can’t wait 😁

Great to see the tutorial already out 😁


This looks awesome! Glad to see a quality A220 in a flight simulator! I hope to get pro for Christmas so I can try it out!

No but I noticed that LEPA tower cabin is asymmetric to the main pillar 😂😅

I like the in flight wi fi logo I think this is the first plane to have it


I’m must say, I’m very impressed. The A350 and B777 have had some flaws in their modeling, but this is, as my DPE told me after I passed my checkride , “pure excellence.”

If I was to come up with a critique, I would say that they really do need to come out with those sound packs asap, and just finish the previous aircraft. We haven’t heard anything about the A350 being updated, even though we were told that it could and would be updated. There were also A330 sound packs that were coming that we haven’t heard about since. It would be nice to know that those are coming and that these aircraft will be finished; as of right now it just seems like they might forget about the A220 like it seems they did with the A330 or the 2 year old A350.


Thank you so much ♥️

A big thank you to the team who built the A220, and also a big thank you to @Levet for MYR and whoever got RSW, great (very) early Christmas present!


There is no longer to using a Facebook or google account logging in to Infinite Flight, but i like this update.

But, can you add the services vehicles on the gate for 3D airports?

I feared a potential loss of my account for a second, but this worked better than a charm… One click, done! Thanks!

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Big difference! Especially with the APU and interior sounds on the A220

Glad this system worked! We have tried to minimise as much friction as possible here :)