Infinite Flight 21.7 and its change to how we tell time

After the update, the time zones are no longer going by the country you’re in but by what part of the world you are in instead compared to where you are positioned at the UTC. Realistically it is not this way since I am in the Xinjiang region of China with the current local time showing 12:51.
Here is the thing though, China only has a one-time zone system which is read in Shanghai. After asking Siri what time it is in Shanghai, she responds with 15:31 which is what the time should read, not 12:51. After looking over the update page I didn’t see any valid region for why they changed this whole system of how we told time on Infinite Flight and all I want is a reason.

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Ok, it looks like the time corrected itself to what it should say. After flying 50 NM. But still, I am curious why they removed the city names of the corresponding time zone. It was a whole lot cooler.


I’ve noticed with NZ it’s 10:15pm but the game says 9:15pm


Hey, thanks for the feedback. We changed the way we calculate timezones to be based on your nearest airport instead of relying on a remote, large database. This removes reliance on a network connection and on our servers to show the local timezone.

The side-effect is that there is no accurate timezone coverage when you are far from any airport, and we just default to basing this on your position on Earth; this is most noticeable in places that do not abide by geographic timezone rules like China.

This was mainly a technical improvement to allow for future code changes on our end, but we’ll continue iterating and improving this. Thanks for the feedback!


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