Infinite Flight 21.6

I am not Scandinavian citizen but love those countries.

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Great work! But still waiting on ATL!


Love the new update keep up the great work , hope to see my home airport CYUL Montreal soon also love to ATC there every chance I can.

I am great full for every 3D airport they have modeled , I sure its alot of painstaking work to get it right. The blog mentions they are now able to consolidate or merge some of the design process which may make the creation of a new airport a little less time consuming if I read it correctly and interpreted this approriately .
I not I stand corrected.

I hope this will alow them to continue to work on so many important facilities we have yet to see, and make that task a little easier on them .

I also see they have some autonomy in the “to do list” prioritization. With this fact in mind , I hope they will focus on “Key” airports that support high use routes both in IF and the real world and support logical routing across the planet in all aviation categories

The answer there are 80,000 airports is irrelevant because every airport can’t be implemented in IF anytime soon. Its a one by one selection as they move forward. So I hope some of the more obscure and low traffic facilities are put at the back of the list.

Thank you for this latest release !
It continues to expand our detailed IF World
Be safe


In 21.6, we have reworked our data processing/loading system to unify the 2D and 3D systems. This was an important technical step to simplify and optimize how we process airport data. It also opens the door to new features in the future that will make airports even more interactive and immersive.

Me screaming from excitement


Cheers. Love the effort you guys have been putting into the app the last couple of months! <3


Yay 21.6 is out!

Very happy for Doha and Islamabad to be 3D

Absolutely phenomenal job you Guyz are doing
Can’t wait for the new A220!


And maybe Chicago o hare 💀

I hope so too. This was my point in my post today. Since 3D airport recreation is based on a team created do to list ?
I doubt they aren’t selected by pulling names out of hat. I hope they can select the order of them based on relevance to actual routing and key real world traffic, not just trying to get a dot on every geographical piece of landscape on the planet. I wonder why time was spent on the Indian VILH AB instead of another well frequented Indian airport instead ? I often scratch my head in trying to figure out the hierarchy logic implied.

Not that, this AB is not worthy of being represented in 3D, it is ! But why now in the design to do list order over any other regional military installation or Dehli for another example.

I will look occasionally to see the flow traffic at Leh AB after the novelty new airport factor wears off.

I am NOT complaining, every airport has significance its the selection process that is interesting to see

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It’s a fair question and one I’m happy to answer! We do have critical airports identified, many of which are well underway. Typically the more significant airports are also more complex which means they take a considerable amount of time to reach the quality you’d expect.

That said, often times a newer airport editor will choose a home airport or something smaller that has some level of familiarity to them. This helps learn various building techniques to ensure their skills are on par with other editors before tackling a more demanding airport.

While random on the surface, it does introduce a cool handful of unique airports and connects us as a community in a fun way.


I have two follow-up questions based on the continuing 3D building updates. Is there any work ongoing for terminals to, like control towers, be curved and geometric in the vertical and not just horizontal axis?

It sounds like the airport designers are separate from the core 3D developers (who are likely occupied with the A220), and I assume it’s the developers that make those towers… So are there any plans to allow designers to get expanded geometric capabilities or is that going to be a long ways away?

Also any news on this smaller fix/item? :)
Update GSE Textures

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I don’t know where that’s coming for as Leh is actually A very famous airport,knows for one of the worlds most dangerous approaches,when I went there today there was ALOT of traffic!

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To answer your questions:

  • Not currently on-going, but definitely planned. The fundamental airport system rework in this update paves the way for features like this
  • We’ll find a balance of custom-modelled 3D objects and our procedural building system. Nothing new on this front to announce just yet though
  • I’m not sure if this is intentional or not, but we can definitely have a look for a future update

Thanks for the reply Cam! Appreciate the follow-up, and definitely understand it’s a process as the 3D building system is further refined.

That would be fantastic! I’m not sure since the other GSE is so much higher definition, unless the additional polygon count on the ramp loader requires lower texturing — just looks off compared to the other equipment on the ramp.

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I think we should not go on what developers are giving as 3d airports, and looking at current 3D airports share, Developers are listening to the community. Someday VILH was to be converted to 3d they did today.

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what great news!

I’ll make one last reply in here, but for people like myself who didn’t catch the feature until now, gate names and sizes are now displayed in the in-game airport map.

Huge bonus for those of us utilizing FlightAware and similar services, as we can now easily find the correct arrival gate number and location in app, and/or find an appropriate gate size without backtracking all over the airport. Great small user bonus, so thanks again for that!


Unless you are at EHAM - where taxi still takes forever regardless of where your gate is 🤣


Possibly because VILH is smaller and easier to do in 3D, but also because it’s a “maverick” airport in the sense of the difficult approach and unique terrain/location. It’s not exactly your traditional airbase, compared to, say, Hindon (VIDX). It’s known for its challenges due to its location.


Hey, are you going to release animations to Jetbridges this year? Or are you not ready to?

(I know they aernt in development)

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