Infinite Flight 21.6

Yeah the Beijing airport is one of my favorites in real life and infinite flight did not disappoint

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I never said it was part of a update…and 3 technically not 2
military 3-d bases yayyyyyy. Two opposite ends of the world.

You have said that about 7 months ago, still waiting for that blog. :)

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Am very happy about London Stansted (EGSS)!!! Massive Ryanair flurry incoming :D

I noticed after 21.5 but prior to 21.6 that @MishaCamp was flying into Stansted on LIVE when I had just landed there and in 21.4 prior to 21.5 @Laura was flying from Manchester to elsewhere on LIVE when I was there.

I know the devs may not confirm but spotting some of the IF team on LIVE at non-3D airports seems to give some hint as to whether an airport is being worked on for 3D?

Would love to know!

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Awesome update!
I’ll leave this here to make taxiing at EHAM a bit easier ;)


We need names…we need names…in a smooth but maniac voice

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Yes. The future is vast. We’ll be excited to share this when the time comes.


Fantastic to see so many new 3D Airports, especially EHAM and OTHH.

I hope the autonomic developers can also spot the black hole up here in the Nordics at some stage 😅


As always great job with the update, I’ll be looking forward especially to flying to the new EHAM and OTHH with their extensive destinations list. However, I won’t lie when I say I was very disappointed to see not a single airport in Latin America was added today, let alone SKBO, which is by far the second busiest airport in South America in terms of passenger traffic, first for cargo, the principal hub of Latin America’s oldest and second largest airline, and home to a robust domestic network of destinations and impressive list of international ones. I mean, it shouldn’t take seven updates to add such an important, crucial, and not so difficult to model airport. But apart from that, loving it.


Thanks for your feedback. We’re wanting to add 3D buildings at all ~27,000 airports around the world, and we’re doing this in each update as you noted. We’ve added 104 3D airports since the first 3D airport release in April (~6 months).

Our main aim is to find a balance between airport sizes and geographical span, which is quite nicely shown in the map pic that @Pilot_Aaltonen shared above your post.

SKBO will come eventually. It’s definitely not overlooked :)


Crosswind landings at the Polderbaan :)

Yeah I do understand as you noted that a good geographical balance is needed. Still surprised that room for eight different airports including a small airfield in the middle of Chile was found before Bogotá. But I understand. I guess patience is of course required for processes like this one. Looking forward to SKBO hopefully in 21.7

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Finally Chinese airport…


As mentioned, it’s a balance of sizes too - not everyone wants to fly jets to massive international airports. We want to cater to as many people and flying styles as possible!


In addition to what Cameron has already pointed out, our 3D airport building team has a high level of autonomy. They’re volunteers. Eventually we’ll expand this team but for now we need to keep it the way it is. There’s no secret mission to exclude your favourite airport or any particular hub.

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@jasonrosewell is there any movement on the roadblocks with Jetblue and the liveries?


Nothing to report at this time. Sorry.

Great work everyone, really looking forward to this.

This airport is scary. 😒

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Yes! Finally some 3D Central Asian airports!!!