Infinite Flight 21.6

Very good and thanks to all developers. Still waiting to see 3D airports in Scandinavia.


We have Transavia on the 737-800

So is one of the locals ;)


He means the new one but it cannot be added until the 737 gets a complete rework


Love the updates, but is fixing the LNAV on the roadmap anywhere? The autopilot continually blows through airways during a turn instead of properly calculating when to begin the turn so as to level out right on the airway. Also, it never truly gets on the center, rather it seems to always parallel the airways. This is literally my only gripe with IF and I’d love to see this worked on.


You dont have a pro subscription? It is fun flying in US 3D airports such as Hawaii, California and Colorado. They will add US airfields whenever they decide to

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I believe Laura mentioned at some point she wants to add Flight plan curves and accurate turning but we don’t know when.

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Just in time! Would reccommend doing this route 100%


This is fixed now and in the correct position :) Thanks for the report!


there you go


KLHW is not part of update. As of now there are two military airports that are 3D in the US. KLSV Nellis Air Force Base and PHNL which is a main international airport in Honolulu and also have an AFB. Hickam AFB shares runways with Daniel K Inouye International Airport.

wow love the update when is Seattle Seatac Airport coming

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Can’t wait to integrate some french into this


Just another 8:30 until I get back home.

I guess making airports is the devs’s job now ;)

Just kidding

Amazing work as usual, Devs! Love the new airports!

I’m currently working on a ZBAA scenery for XP11, from which I have built up some scenery development skills, and from this update I see how IF devs pushed the limited 3D resources to the limit:
From the old tower with fake “ads board” around it: (below is the IRL tower)


to the unique remote gates:

As well as the Terminal 3 which actually looks quite nice if not seen from the top:

Considering the limited resources, IF team has really made a brilliant job recreating this mega airport. Bravo!


I know that’s “sarcasm” but the developers don’t edit the 3D Airports.

OMG, Islamabad 3D airport!? You guys are just the best! 😍


Don’t forget Doha aswell😁👍

Wait for tomorrow hahaha, I need to finish my 23 hour long flight.

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